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“Venome” will appear five Symbiocom?

Recently, we often hear about additions to the caste of the upcoming “venom”, a kind of superheroine without superheroes, but with the R rating and Tom hardy in the title role. However, we still know very little about the plot of the future picture.

Perhaps the light this story sheds online MovieWeb, according to which the film is directed by Ruben Fleischer (“Welcome to Zombilend”) will be based on the story of the limited comic series “venom: Lethal Protector”. There is a reason, after all, in this Limite the character of Eddie Brock first appears in the form of anti-hero rather than villain. But something still confused.

That sounds like the synopsis of a “Lethal Protector”:

Venom and spider-Man sign a contract stating that they will leave each other alone, provided that the venom will not commit crimes. Venom then moves from new York to San Francisco, where he meets a group of underground inhabitants. Soon, however, the father of one of venom’s victims seeks revenge and is looking for him along with a group of super-modern mercenaries. Spider-man, misled by the report about Venoma, sent to San Francisco to stop him, but instead they will have to unite against the five offspring of the venom symbiote: Scream, Faja, Laser, Riot and Agony.

First, spider-Man will not, because it is not part of the movie universe, Marvel, right? At least not yet. Secondly, earlier it was reported that venom will face the Carnage. It seems to be the actor was found. In short, where there are five symbiocom?!

A large number of antagonists are not too increases the chances of a coherent, balanced story. Well, maybe the writers will get rid of kids venom, based on the only moving character in San Francisco and vengeful father, and instead of five offspring will be one carnage?

View. The film will be released on the big screens on 5 October 2018.

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