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Venezuela erupted a kind of “tanker war”

Вокруг Венесуэлы разгорается своего рода "танкерная война"

Venezuela erupted a kind of “tanker war”. So, the Minister of petroleum and head of PDVSA Manuel Quevedo said that the Venezuelan state-owned company will not allow tankers with oil produced in the country, to leave ports without pre-payment.

The introduction of pre-payment, according to him, is one of the first measures taken by the authorities of the country in response to US sanctions against PDVSA. Quevedo also noted that the company is considering the introduction of force majeure in North America as one of the options of communication with its American “daughter” of Citgo.

At the same time, PDVSA creditors after obtaining court permission blocked near the Dutch island of Curacao in the Caribbean sea tanker Icaro with 400 thousands of barrels of oil.

Require lenders to pay off the debt for the transportation and storage of the Venezuelan raw materials. One of them, Exotic Waves Marine SA requires PDVSA to pay debts of $ 7.3 million dollars, and Ammon Shipping Co – $ 1 million.

“Many lenders PDVSA patience ran out, and they seek to defend their positions, – said the Agency Bloomberg, Jan Burgers, a lawyer specializing in Maritime law. – More logical and correct way, than the seizure of the cargo, no.”

So lock Icaro is only the beginning. According to Bloomberg, many partners of the Venezuelan oil companies, such as shipowners and operators of towing, has appealed to the courts in the Caribbean to obtain the right to seize Venezuelan oil to the agreement on the disbursement of funds.

The reaction of the crew of the blocked vessel. The Agency managed to contact one of the sailors who said that they do not experience food shortages, and provided better than many Venezuelans in the country.

By the way, PDVSA is trying to avoid further blocking, avoiding ports where it can do. So, in 2018, only 17 of the company’s tankers docked in curaçao vs 132 vessels in 2017. One of the Bloomberg sources said that many lenders are monitoring the location of vessels PDVSA to see how close they come to the Dutch territory in the Caribbean.

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