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Vehicular traffic is proposed to move to underground pipes

Автомобильное движение предложили перенести в подземные трубыThe British will develop an underground road system for “drones”.

London company PLP Architecture has prepared a draft underground road system for cars with autopilot. Network Cartube truboprodazha involves the construction of roads under the city and may be more efficient than high-speed Railways.

According to the developers, Cartube is a system of narrow tunnels for vehicles with electric propulsion systems and autopilot. The use of electric cars will allow to avoid problems with the provision of the vent “pipes” while Autonomous driving will eliminate accidents and overlapping ways.

The car in the underground system can be an alternative to private cars on city streets, not public transportation. It is expected that the machine will deliver each individual passenger to the desired location.

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At PLP Architecture, emphasize that before the big cities is the problem of extreme congestion of the streets and the network of underground roads with the “drones” will allow to unload them.

Автомобильное движение предложили перенести в подземные трубы

However, the authors of the project believe that Cartube can be efficiently constructed in London the Crossrail railway system. As stated in an interview with Autocar, head of the research Department of the company PLP Architecture Lars Hesselgren, Crossrail is able to carry up to 18 thousand passengers per hour. Cartube network, where cars could move at a speed of about 65 kilometers per hour, designed to carry 40 thousand people per hour.

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At the moment the company is looking for investors for further development of the project. In particular, it requires developing software for the functioning of the network. At PLP Architecture believe that the project could be ready for implementation in five years.

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