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Variety have selected the best TV series 2016

In the Wake of General summing up a leading American weekly magazine Variety, covering events in the world of show business, also made the list of best and must see television shows of the year. It is noteworthy that most of the TV series little known in Russia.

Variety have selected the best TV series 2016

“VIRGIN” (CW)is October 2016 on the screen comes the third season of “the Virgin” based on the Venezuelan telenovela. The main character – a young religious latina who, of course, adheres to strict moral rules. However, at one point she discovers that she is pregnant, and is caused by the medical error. Critic Maureen Ryan said that the show, despite the (seemingly!) the banal plot of a soap Opera, actually represents an interesting combination of dramatic pathos and subtle humor. This intellectual spectacle involving actual problems of society and with each season getting better.

For “virgin.” The trailer of the first season
“The mistakes of the past” (Sundance)Multi-project “the mistakes of the past” airs on Sundance Channel and is the first dramatic TV series of showing independent films. The plot revolves around Daniel Holden, who as a teenager was convicted of murdering his girlfriend. After nineteen years on death row, it turns out that according to new data from DNA, he may not be guilty, and his release. He soon returns to his family in a small town in Georgia and trying to rebuild their broken lives.

“The mistakes of the past”: the trailer

“American crime story: the People V. O. J. Simpson” (FX)According to Ryan, “American crime story”, a project of Ryan Murphy, raises socially and politically important issues, illuminating the problems of sexism, racism, class distinctions and dishonest ways to achieve goals. The series is not an entertainment product – it forces the viewer to think. In the end, hearing about the murder committed by O. J. Simpson (the first season is based on real events). It was the most protracted trial in California history (it lasted more than nine months!): in the mid-1990s, these crimes were punishable by death.

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“American crime story”. The trailer for season 1 of “the People vs. O. J. Simpson in English”
“Blackish” (ABC)In the center of the plot – African-American family of the middle class, which seeks to pass on to their children the history of their black ancestors. Andre and rainbow raise children in the area where I live is mostly white people: besides the fact that they are trying to preserve the traditions of his people, endeavored to establish relations with others and to successfully integrate into society.

The trailer of the series “Blackish”
“The Americans” (FX)Dramatic television series created by former CIA officer and now writer Joe Weisberg. The series tells the story of Soviet KGB officers posing as American citizens in 1980, during the cold war. Bogus marriage Phillip and Elizabeth every day it becomes more real and emotional, despite the escalation of the cold war and dangerous relationships they must maintain with a network of spies and informants. The tension increases when a new neighbor Stan, an FBI agent who works in counterintelligence. “The Americans” is a mix of personal tragedies and global political processes.

The trailer of the series “the Americans”
“One, Mississippi” (Amazon)the Main character learns that is sick with cancer. She manages to move a few sessions of chemotherapy, after which the condition is difficult to call it normalized. After all complicated procedures, the heroine goes to her mother to be with her in difficult hours. The family is in turmoil because the father, the son and many other relatives unable to perceive everything around adequately.

Teague, Notaro in the series “One, Mississippi”

“Crazy ex” (CW)single woman in new York Rebecca bunch ten years later meets her high school crush and decides to quit his prestigious job of a lawyer and move to Los Angeles to live with him. However, it turns out, what is next in his plans was not included. Ryan notes that the main character of the series is one of the most interesting antiheroine modern television. The role of Rebecca Rachel bloom this year won the award “Golden globe” for best actress in a Comedy TV series.

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A scene from the movie “Crazy ex”

Atlanta (FX), an Autobiographical Comedy-drama comedian Donald Glover started out on small screens in 2016. The main characters of the TV show two black brother, a rapper who dream of musical future and glory. Simultaneously, they have to fight for life in one of the most difficult cities in America – Atlanta, known for its criminal showdowns. Currently released only the first season, but second shooting is already underway.

“Atlanta” (TV series). Trailer in English
“The white Raven” (HBO)a Young African-American from Los Angeles twenty-something years often gets into awkward situations, whether it’s work, friendship or matters of the heart. ISA begins to ask some difficult questions about how to live when you don’t fit in this definition. The series tries to deal with the problems inherent in modern society, including racism and sexism.

Trailer of the TV series “the White crow”
“Change for the better” (FX)Life of a single mother is always difficult and severe. You have to do two people’s work to feed your baby. The heroine of this series, Sam is not discouraged, because on her shoulders lay a big responsibility, which develops into the meaning of life. She alone is raising three wonderful daughters. Sam is not the most popular and in demand actress, but for the audience this series, it has become a real star, because the girl is always full of optimism and good mood!

Frame from the series “change for the better”

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