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Vanessa Paradis: Hollywood beauty celebrates anniversary

Ванесса Паради: голливудская красавица празднует юбилейVanessa Paradis (Vanessa Parady) celebrates its 45th anniversary. The best role, the crowd of fans, awards and international recognition is all the credit the actress for the dedication and hard work.

Beautiful woman and beloved actress Vanessa Paradis celebrates its 45th anniversary. Given that filmography Vanessa started 1998 – there is a reason to take myself for a few nights before the New year.

Brief biography

Family Paradis worked in show business (andré and Corinne Paradis – Directors) and, therefore, at a young age Vanessa has appeared on TV in the TV show for young talents. On the show seven Paradis sang a song Emilie Jolie, and seven years later (in 1986) Vanessa became popular in Europe thanks to the performance of the song “Joe le taxi”. When Vanessa was 15 years old her album went platinum. In 1989, Vanessa starred in the first film, playing the main role in the film brissot “White wedding”. For this role, Vanessa spat at in the street women, she was pursued literally persecuted in the middle ages witches. However, the Academy has awarded Paradis Cesar award in the category “most promising actress”. The hatred of women in France was caused by explicit scenes in “White wedding.” Come down to the fact that the sister Paradis was forced to quit his studies at the University – her poisoned students for the controversial role of big sister. “After eating” fame actress has appeared in films until 1995.

Beginning an acting career

In the forced break Vanessa has recorded three albums, worked as photomodel “face” of the perfume line of the fashion house Chanel. In 1995, Vanessa returns to screens, starring in company with Gerard Depardieu in the movie “Eliza”. In 1997, she is working with Jean Reno in the film “Spellbound love”, then with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon in the film “One chance for two”. In 1999, she starred in the film “girl on the bridge”, which was loved by the French and around the world. For this role, Vanessa was nominated for a Cesar award in the category “best female role”, and the film was nominated for a Golden globe (2000) Working as an actress, Vanessa continues to pursue a music career and engages in personal life – married to actor johnny Depp and bears him two children – a girl and a boy. Besides working in movies, and music, she is voiced by cartoons, one of which is “a Magical adventure”.

Acting Duo with her husband and colleague

In 2005 Vanessa and johnny Depp tried to make a film “the Man who killed don Quixote,” but because of the difficulty with a film prospectus film was not destined to see the light. In 2007 comes the Thriller “the Key” – movie is not for everyone, where Vanessa appeared before the audience in a new role. In 2010, the screens out the film “Heartbreakers”, this romantic Comedy Vanessa works together with actors Andrew Lincoln, Romain Duracom and Francois Damien. “Serdtseedki” Romaine Dyuris was nominated for the award “Cesar”. In 2011 he published the animated film “Monster in Paris”, in which Vanessa Paradis gives it a voice of the character Lucille. In 2012, in the life of Vanessa there was an unpleasant event, her husband actor johnny Depp with whom she spent 14 years of life together has a mistress. The couple divorced. Six months later Vanessa Paradis have entered into a relationship with a furniture millionaire Gai Gharbi.

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