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Vanessa Helsing back in the second season (TRAILER)

If you don’t know what cable channel Syfy in 2016 launched the TV series “van Helsing” (Van Helsing), in the center of which was a daughter of the famous connoisseur of vampires and Nosferatu from “Dracula” – Vanessa Helsing. The project is an obvious way inspired by the popular at the time, a youth series about Buffy, the vampire Slayer. And, although I haven’t seen a single episode of that show from Syfy is also not left without attention of the public – since it decided to extend for a second season.

The main character of the series, “van Helsing” is Vanessa Helsing — the daughter of the famous hunter of vampires and implacable enemy of Dracula Abraham van Helsing. The main character comes alive after 5 years and finds himself in a society enslaved by the vampires. Vanessa reveals an exceptional power over vampires and turns into the man who will unite the people, to restore the lost world.

Have you watched “van Helsing”? If so, how do you like this body-fun, worth the attention?..

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