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Vampires rule the planet in the last season of “the Strain”

Evil almost-almost done, which means the stakes are high as ever, the game goes to the finals. 16 July, FX will premiere the fourth (and last, as we know) season of “the Strain” (The Strain). The beginning of the end reflected in the official trailer.

Recall that the original creators (among them Guillermo Del Toro) are generally planned in just three seasons, the fourth was decided to make for a powerful and epic conclusion of the story. The effect of the final will unfold after nine months after the events of the season. The world fell into darkness, where vampires-the Strigoi in control of the planet after a nuclear Apocalypse, which led to the explosion at the end of the third season. The ensuing nuclear winter strigon allowed to move freely at any time of the day, and their Owner had installed his own dictatorship. Now most people work for Strigoi with a disappointing choice – cooperate or die.

Frankly, leaving this show after the first season (it was good, but not particularly interested), I could not think, than there all eventually ends. Nuclear war, which won the vampires? Sounds cool. Maybe you should still check out the second and third seasons to get to the global Apocalypse is the fourth head-on.

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