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Vampires, demons and witches in the series “Manuscript of omnipotence” (TRAILER)

Do not hurry to rejoice, this series on the book trilogy, publishing the first volume in Russian is advertised as “for those who liked “Twilight” Stephanie Meyer”. However, there is the addition: “and “Vampire Chronicles” Anne rice”.

Talking about the bestselling writer Deborah Harkness – she, by the way, is one of the producers of the show. Starring in the series got quite a starry actors Teresa Palmer (“Berlin syndrome”, “Warm bodies”, “there goes the light…”) plays the witch Diana, and Matthew Goode (“Watchmen,” “Stoker”) will appear in the image of the vampire of Clermont.

The synopsis reads:

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Love story on the background of the Oxford academic life. Historian Diana Bishop specializiruetsya on ancient manuscripts, and one finds in the archives a manuscript associated with magic. Since then, Diana’s life turns into a nightmare, but fate brings her to a charismatic geneticist Matthew Clairmont. The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that Diana is a hereditary witch and Matthew the vampire.

A and abstract book:

Who is Diana Bishop? The famous historian from Oxford, a specialist in ancient manuscripts and is the flesh of an amazing family where women from generation to generation passed extraordinary abilities. After the death of his parents, Diana decided to abandon his supernatural gift, and thought of it only when she happened to be a mysterious manuscript is dedicated to the occult and hermetic Sciences.
From that day Diana’s life turns into a nightmare. Pursue it. She trying to manipulate. Her lie, threaten, but… it seems to kill her is still not going. Obviously, someone has decided to intimidate the woman who is able to provide seekers of lost knowledge, access manuscript…
But why? And what is the true value of a manuscript?

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