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Valve has removed Steam from simulator mass shooting

Valve удалила из Steam симулятор массовой стрельбыThe project has sparked controversy on the Steam forums.

Valve has removed the game from Steam Active Shooter, the theme of which was a school shooting that has outraged many users. Along with this, the company has closed the access to the digital store to the developer of the controversial project, the Studio Revived Games.

In the description of the Active Shooter on Steam it said “dynamic simulation of SWAT, where players are invited to perform a dynamic role.” The project was allowed to play for arrow-psychopath, member of the rapid response unit or a simple civilian. In the trailer it was demonstrated how the shooter satisfied in school a real massacre.

Naturally, the project has sparked controversy on the Steam forums. For example, one user admitted that he is a fan of provocative humor, but the developer of Active Shooter, in his words, “gone too far”.

Notably, Valve did not name the reason for the removal of the game from Steam its excessive brutality. “This developer and publisher — in fact, people who call themselves ATA Berdyev (Ata Berdiyev), which last fall already blocked when he acted on behalf of the [bc]Interactive and Elusive Team”, — said the representative Valve site Kotaku. He called the developer a “Troll” known “insult users, publication of copyrighted materials and manipulation of user reviews”. His identity was disclosed in the course of consideration by the company Active Shooter.

“We are not going to do business with people who do this to our users or the Valve,” — said the representative of the Valve. With regard to the content of violent games, the company promised soon to deal seriously with this problem.

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