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Valve has announced a subscription for Dota 2

Valve анонсировала подписку для Dota 2Subscription opens access to adacom personal virtual coach.

For some time Valve offered Dota 2 to spend my money on combat badges — the sets of bonuses that are associated with the tournaments-the majors or The International. But now the combat badges were replaced by service Dota Plus, which has no expiration date, and so can be with you all year round.

Dota Plus is a lot of different functions that will help you to stop “RakOut” and raise your skills to a new level. For example, the subscription gives access to adacom personal virtual coach. He will tell you what items are better suited to your current strategy which ability to swing, which hero to choose and so on. Furthermore, the coach will be useful to the whole team, even if Dota Plus there is only one: before the game you and your “teammates” will offer advice on the distribution of characters on lines.

Knowledge coach are based on millions of games worldwide and seems to be automatically updated together with the fluctuations in the Mets. Dota Plus will offer a lot of statistics: second-by-second chronicling of incoming damage, comparative analysis with the average values in your rank, global trends in grades, and a graph of probability of victory which is available to spectators of the match.

In addition, Dota Plus opens access to a number of cosmetic additives. For example, to the icons of the hero. They pumped in every match and give a new rank icon, shards and replicas for hero chat wheel. Heroic wheel chat allows your character to say certain phrases to allies or to all participants of the match. Finally, in the Dota 2 store Dota Plus subscribers allocated a special section: where you can buy exclusive items and kits from the past for many popular characters.

Dota Plus also allows you to earn more pieces. Every week for three wins give 1 000 pieces. For the first perform the initial tasks to more than 20,000 pieces.

Subscribers Dota Plus still offer free admission to weekly fighting Cup, while other players have to pay for the ticket is 0.99 US dollar.

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