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Valentina Matvienko has surprised Network a strange phobia

Валентина Матвиенко удивила Сеть странной фобией The speaker of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation is afraid of the uprising of the machines.

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko considers that technological progress will sooner or later lead to the rise of the machines. She told about it at the plenary session of the II St Petersburg international forum of labor “Human capital and the labor of the future.”

“We live in an amazing time when the borders between present and future. When a new technological reality affects all spheres of human life, including relations of production and the nature of the work. From the pages of books, from the screens of electronic devices in our daily life moving robots and unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligence, intelligent robotics perform routine work. They do not know tiredness, emotional tension and that is especially valuable, do not violate labor discipline,” she said.

“Given the fact that the rise of the machines is a popular plot of science fiction, such a threat also can not be discounted,” – said Matvienko.

Later, the speaker also noted that due to the introduction of new technologies is released a greater number of employees in industry, agriculture and services.

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