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Useful than maple syrup

Чем полезен кленовый сиропMaple syrup is a wonderful natural product given to the world by ancient Indian tribes.

Japanese scientists have come to unexpected conclusions: a famous canadian maple syrup can help the liver.

This they found in the experiment with rats involving the replacement of the carbs in their diet this syrup.

Dr. Keiko Abe of the graduate school of the University of Tokyo, working on issues of agriculture and life Sciences, says: “Healthy animals are treated with absolute maple syrup, showed significant improvement in liver function compared with the control group.

It also fed the sweet syrup, but not characterized by the presence of unique substances, typical for maple”.

I must say, the results of the surveys will be particularly useful for middle-aged people who are overweight, abnormally high concentrations of blood lipids, diabetes, insensitivity to insulin and other disorders typical for metabolic syndrome. They have often pointed out the problems with the liver.

Secret one hundred percent maple syrup is an unprecedented concentration of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. According to scientists working with the support of the Quebec Council for the development of agriculture, it can be a healthier alternative to jams and other syrups.

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