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Useful solutions for decorating modern kitchens. Photo

Полезные решения для обустройства современной кухни. ФотоThe kitchen is the main room in the apartment.

Convenience and functionality are the most important components of the modern kitchen.

Because today, due to the perennial lack of time, few can afford to spend cooking for several hours to treat your household with tasty and healthy dishes. That is why it is very important to follow new trends and possibilities of modern cuisine, which can simplify the cooking process.

What innovative solutions on arrangement modern kitchens offer designers, our today’s material.

The kitchen part of the living space

Полезные решения для обустройства современной кухни. Фото

For a very long time, the kitchen ceased to be a purely economic class. It can (and should!) not only to cook food or wash dishes, but also to receive guests. And even better – to make the kitchen part of the General living space, to connect, for example, with the living room. This technique will not only expand the square meters of the room, but will make the interior more modern. Experts are confident that this trend came to us from Europe, will consolidate its position as a leader in planning the repair of apartments and private homes.

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Innovative built-in appliances

Полезные решения для обустройства современной кухни. Фото

Developers of home appliances every year to offer new, improved versions the necessary kitchen equipment. Today they look to designers of kitchen furniture: the front surface of the ovens, microwaves and coffee machines are executed in the same minimalist style. Flat vertical slats stainless steel frame black glass allow you to set one device over the other without intermediate panels. This technique is due to the dense siding will not only save precious space in the kitchen, but also create the impression of a whole.

Полезные решения для обустройства современной кухни. Фото

Even devices of different heights look perfect for horizontal and vertical installation and form a continuous surface. Horizontal placement – great for spacious kitchen / dining area, and vertical for small spaces.

“Smart” hob

Полезные решения для обустройства современной кухни. Фото

Induction cooker is a new generation completely changed the idea of modern household appliances. Thanks to new technologies it is possible to configure several groups of heat to simultaneously cook a three-course meal. This saves time cooking. Isn’t it great! Besides, with this technique you do not need to worry about the safety of small children that goes in the kitchen next to mom: during cooking, the oven stays cool, and it means that the child will not get burned.

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Multifunctional devices

Полезные решения для обустройства современной кухни. Фото

Each year equipment becomes more advanced. Today in the oven you can not only cook chicken with a crispy crust, but boil it for a couple. In the fridge you can not only keep food in its bar you can easily mount the TV. A huge variety of functions of household appliances (2 in 1 or 3 in 1) allows you to save money and simplify the process of cooking and storing food.

Open storage

Полезные решения для обустройства современной кухни. Фото

Have open shelves there, as well as the pros and cons. The most important thing – is convenient! In a small kitchen they help to place everything you need and not to clutter the space. And the big one will create some flavor and will add individuality to the interior. Of course, for purity on these shelves will have to watch very carefully, after all the dust settles very quickly, but the beauty and the convenience is worth it.

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