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Useful properties of spicy food, which you didn’t know

Полезные свойства острой еды, о которых вы не зналиSome people can’t handle spicy food, burning sensation spicy meals causes them discomfort.

For others who like pepper is the sensation of the delicate balance between pain and pleasure.

However, spicy foods are beneficial for the following reasons:

– it protects the gastric mucosa
Many people mistakenly believe that hot peppers irritate and cause stomach ulcers. The results of numerous studies refute this myth and prove that it is just the opposite. It is proved that capsaicin actually inhibits acid secretion and stimulates alkali secretions and mucus and blood flow to the stomach lining, which helps in the prevention and healing of ulcers.

– it makes your heart healthy
Recent studies have shown that regular consumption of chili pepper can do much to help your cardiovascular system. Research conducted by Australian scientists in 2006 showed that regular consumption of chili for 4 weeks reduces the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol (good cholesterol low-density). It is believed that oxidation of LDL-cholesterol contribute to the development of atherosclerosis. In addition, published in August 2010, the results of research by Chinese scientists has shown that regular consumption of chili peppers the walls of blood vessels become more elastic, which helps to prevent hypertension.

– it reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
A group of Thai researchers in 2009 conducted experiments among volunteers. There have been many measurements of blood sugar after eating. Scientists found that blood sugar levels were lower in the group where they ate chili. Early in 2006, Australian scientists published the results of studies which showed that to reduce the level of sugar in the blood insulin you need less if the meal contains chili pepper. Was confirmed by the fact that the chili peppers can reduce the risk of hyperinsulinemia, inadequate excess release of the carbohydrate load, which in some cases is a harbinger of occurrence of type 2 diabetes.

– it helps to limit the intake of salt in cooking
Medicine encourages the reduction of salt intake. Replace salt for spices. You will add to dishes unique taste and will forget about the salt shaker.

Now you know that chili pepper can protect your stomach and cardiovascular system and helps prevent cancer and diabetes. If you are not used to too spicy food, try to build up tolerance gradually. A glass of milk or other dairy products such as yogurt, will help to extinguish the “fiery heat” after spicy food.

Finally, it helps in the prevention of cancer. Numerous studies have been conducted to explore the antitumor properties of capsaicin.

For example, the results of research published in April 2010, scientists from the school of Medicine Edwards in West Virginia showed that capsaicin can suppress the cell proliferation of lung cancer.

Other studies have shown that capsaicin can cause death of cancer cells, leaving healthy cells unharmed.

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