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Useful products for people with oily and problem skin

Полезные продукты для людей с жирной и проблемной кожейTo get rid of skin problems, you must modify the diet.

There are products that you do not want to eat if you have oily skin. Is spices (pepper, mustard, vinegar), fatty meat, sausages, smoked meats, lard and butter. Salty, spicy and fried contribute to irritation of the sebaceous glands. Flour, sweet, chocolate and coffee also lead to the appearance of oily Shine on the face.

Instead, consume vegetables, fruits, buckwheat porridge, black bread, boiled fish, dairy products. In the diet include fresh leafy vegetables, cabbage, greens, onions, and green salad. They inhibit the production of sebum. Eat fresh fruit (except bananas and grapes): apples, pears, plums.

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Remember that skin problems can and should be solved with the help of power — but not only! You need a thorough further examination by a gastroenterologist, dermatologist-cosmetologist, allergologist to rule out hidden chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and skin. Often oily skin is for those who have bowel problems, gall bladder, stomach, and liver.

Oily skin requires vitamins. To enhance immunity and tone need vitamin C. It is found in many fruits and vegetables: oranges, apples, cabbage, black currants, rose hips, apricots, peaches, persimmons, Bulgarian pepper. Keep in mind that during heat treatment the vitamin C is destroyed. And animal products vitamin C practically contains.

B vitamins (B2 and B6) neutralize toxins, help to maintain the freshness and purity of the skin. They are contained in eggs, beef, legumes (soy, lentils, beans, beans), carrots, tomatoes, dried apricots and other dried fruits.

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Adjusts the skin nutrition, as well as the content of fat and water vitamin E. It also smoothes scars, improves blood clotting, accelerating the healing of wounds. Contains vitamin E in vegetable oils, wheat, egg yolks, milk, liver, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, avocado.

Remember that the ideal, all people have the same diet, ready universal schemes does not exist. Be ideal for you the diet only after consulting a doctor.

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