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Useful ideas are already implemented in developed countries. Photo

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. ФотоThey should borrow.

Many of us have long been accustomed to put the blame on Europe, they say, they have there and the grass is greener, and the standard of living is higher. As they say, it is good there where we are not. However, there are in European countries implemented some great ideas that would do well to learn from us. See for yourself.

1. A system of fines

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

A system of penalties in Sweden and Finland is significantly different from the Russian. In these countries the amount of payment depends on the income of the offender. Accordingly, the average worker with minimum salary will pay much less businessman. Also in some European countries there is such a thing as a “daily penalty”. The number of days determined by the severity of the violation and the amount of payment is estimated based on the net income of the offender for one day.

2. The reduction of the prison term

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

Although Brazil is not in Europe, its government came up with an interesting system that allows inmates to encourage reading. So, for every quality report on a book you’ve read of a prison sentence is to be deducted four days, but not more than 48 days per year. Thus, the Brazilian government is trying to help criminals become better educated and balanced. According to experts, reading people are less prone to delinquency than those who don’t like books. It should be noted that the system really works. According to statistics, in recent years, the number of crimes committed by previously sitting, decreased by 30 percent.

3. Encouraging “good” drivers

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

In the Swedish capital Stockholm annually conduct a lottery for “good” drivers with a prize Fund of up to $ 3,000. The prize Fund is formed from the funds paid to drivers receipts for speeding. The participants of the drawing automatically be everyone who throughout the year faithfully comply with the rules of the road and had no penalties. At the end of the year, several dozen drivers, chosen through the draw, get a check as a reward.

4. Box for newborns

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

The government of Finland considers it his duty to give all children born in the country, an equal start in life. Therefore, every woman after discharge from the hospital gets Maternity Box. It is quite a large colourful box in which difficult mattress, sheets, sleeping bag for strollers, diapers, socks, a few bodysuits, warm overalls, toys, dishes and other important stuff for the baby. The contents of the box may vary depending on the marital status of the mother and family well-being. By the way, the box itself can be used as the first crib, as it corresponds exactly to the average standards of a baby.

5. New year breaks

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

The Norwegian government knows how many expenses is waiting for people during the Christmas holidays. To help people well celebrate the winter holidays and not go broke, since November, the income tax is reduced by half. Therefore, the salary for the last two months of the year significantly increased by allowing citizens to buy gifts for family and good to celebrate the beginning of the new year.

6. The salary for school students

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

To stimulate a love of learning, the Swedish authorities are paying students. Every month each student receives 187 dollars on office and personal needs. This decision helped to quickly deal with absenteeism and to provide practically 100% attendance in the public schools of Sweden.

7. Cultural bonus

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

Every canadian receives the newly minted annual pass free admission to all museums, exhibitions and other cultural centers in the country. This policy allows immigrants to yesterday’s better to learn the history and meet the multi-faceted and diverse culture of Canada.

8. The garbage at weight

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

For anybody not a secret that recycling is a costly affair. To somehow reduce the cost of waste disposal and to teach people how to think about nature, the German authorities imposed a charge of 2 dollars for every 450 grams of waste. This policy has forced people to be more conscious of what they throw away. Many people began to turn food waste into compost and to recycle part of the garbage.

9. Capital for a “rainy day”

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

It turns out that Norway owns the largest savings Fund. And all because the government thinks about the future and knows how to properly dispose of the taxes. Thus, all taxes on petrol and oil go into the state Fund, which in 2014 consisted of 828 trillion. This capital is designed to help the future generation, the development of the welfare of the country and also is a buffer in case of force majeure.

10. Elections in Australia

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

You may be surprised, but in Australia the turnout is 95 percent. And all because the authorities obliged the citizens to pay fines for failing to appear at the polling place. So Australians are not lazy and regularly go to fulfill my civic duty, and one who has not decided on a favourite, can always spoil the ballot.

11. Sex for the disabled

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

The lives of people with disabilities can not be called easy and joyful. Most of them find it difficult to build personal relationships, and physical intimacy for many just a dream. In order to brighten up the lives of people with disabilities, the government of the Netherlands has taken on the mission to pay for sexual services for the disabled. According to statistics, such a policy significantly reduces the level of depression in people with disabilities.

12. Advertising under control

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

Residents of post-Soviet countries know firsthand the feeling that is lasts longer, than a movie or TV show. And while we suffer, looking at the next ad unit, the UK authorities took the situation under its control and has restricted the display of advertising to 8 minutes per hour.

13. Bicycles instead of cars

Полезные идеи, уже внедренные в развитых странах. Фото

Today the Netherlands is the most Bicycle country in the world. And all because city officials strongly encourage and support the love for this transport. In this country, to drivers of two-wheeled horses are treated like proper road users. Moreover, in any controversial situation involving a car and Bicycle guilty will always be a car driver. The landscape of the city also strongly contributes to movement on bicycles. In schools, children are required to pass theoretical and practical test ride on the bike. This policy makes a bike almost the main form of transport, which has beneficial effects on the physical form of the population and the ecology of the country.

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