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Useful advice…

Полезный совет…

Vladimir Putin has advised Russians to do sports, to make it hurt less.

To say that it’s wrong we can’t, because he’s right. Do, exercise helpful. It is a truism. The President likes to broadcast the truth: it is necessary to unite the most divided people in the world — Russian, it is necessary to fight poverty and to engage in sports is also necessary. We have already considered this question from the point of view of the ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation. In order for a child to exercise it is necessary to have: money on sports clothing and shoes, visiting sections, gymnasiums, swimming pools and so on. Need the free time of parents and children. Do not interfere, and quality food, if we talk about health seriously.

Once the exercise was free or almost free, because if sports subscription and cost money, it was peanuts. And time was available too. And grandparents were quite strong enough to drive the grandchildren to the sports complex and wait for them, sitting on a bench and reading a magazine.

To broadcast truths convenient, because with them we can not agree. Another thing to delve into the issue, to consider what we have, why is that so and what to do to improve the situation. But it is difficult and useless. In fact, the goal of improving the health of the population in the country is not put. It’s important to say and to the approval of the audience: what is done, how true!

Полезный совет…

You can, of course, to spit on everything and just run with his son or grandson Jogging in the Park, do the workout in the usual jeans and sneakers — it would wish. And now, attention, a question: where is the desire? Is it always the fault of the family that is not running and not warming up in the morning?..

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Researchers from different countries have studied the relationship of the duration of human life and level of income. They watched the different groups of the population and came to the simple and natural conclusion: the poorer the person, the shorter his life.

Let’s draw a family where the income level is high. The head of the family could allow his wife to work and care for their child. Or hire a babysitter.

Here the correct mode of the day, and quality food, and help in completing school assignments, and mugs with sections…

Now imagine people who have to get up neither light nor dawn, a long drive in a crowded transport, work hard at several jobs and everywhere for pennies, to pay interest to banks and taxes to the state, which is nothing good for them did, to go shopping, cook, clean the house, have kids and spin so from morning to night, without rest and the right to weekends. What kind of sport can be a speech?

And these people, the impoverished who had been becoming more and more. I wish the President to think about these unpleasant things. Not in the sports business. This a good and right endeavor doesn’t solve the health problems of the population on the background of the “optimized” medicine, loss of jobs, meager income, ridiculous taxes, lack of proper rest… it doesn’t.

But the goal of healing people in the current government of the Russian Federation and no. To make a demand or offer, we must first have something to give: a decent wage, a healthy workload, free time, quality food, advanced medicine, including preventive, confidence in the future. If these conditions are not, then no charging will not help a person to get stronger, improve your health, cheer up, to rejoice, finally. Without these conditions, neither life nor strength.

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But the President does not talk about such unpleasant things. He argues that sport is useful. And all…

We need to get laws that protect maternity and childhood, give everyone the right to free and quality health care on weekends and vacations, pensions. health centers and dispensaries, sick leave, free education, affordable mugs and sections for children and adults. Then the President will have the right to say and do-you sports, my friends, and watch your health, because health of people is one of the heritages of the country and we create for you all conditions that you are sick. So if you please do not be lazy and to follow him.

All this provides the Program of Professor, double-doctor of science Stepan Stepanovich slain. They painted a roadmap to save the country and its citizens. Healthy, moral state will provide the conditions for a normal life and to carry to them the responsibility for their activities. This program was developed and written over many years by a group of professionals, highly educated people. We for the first time in many, many years got a real science project. But he can’t reincarnate himself. For this it requires understanding the population need support. Peacefully and lawfully will save Russia!

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