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Use watermelon rind for health

Польза арбузных корок для здоровья Eating watermelon, do not throw away the crust because it is so good.

Yes, you read right, that’s a watermelon rind.

It turns out that the white part next to the dark green outer layer of watermelon are edible. It has the same health benefits, how much and the watermelon, so the next time you eat watermelon, think twice before you throw away the peel.

Fights free radicals

According to the journal Science of Food and Agriculture, citrulline, which helps get rid of free radicals, has a huge concentration in the watermelon rind. Citrulline is also converted into amino acids, which ultimately protects the heart and immune system and prevent harmful toxins stay in the body.

Good for the skin
1-inch cube of watermelon rind contains 1.8 calories. The majority of calories comes from some of carbohydrates, with 0.32 g per serving. One serving provides 2% of daily consumption of vitamin C and 1% vitamin b-6, which is required by the body every day. This makes the watermelon is incredibly good for your skin and immunity, and for healthy nervous system.

Healthy prostate
Watermelon rinds are a good source of lycopene, an antioxidant that helps prevent prostate cancer. Diuretic properties of watermelon can also support the urinary path in a healthy working condition.

Helps in weight loss
Citrulline again comes into play. Studies show that consumption of citrulline leads to a weight reduction of 30 percent. The idea is that the citrulline in the rind of a leads to a decrease in muscular fatigue, allowing people to extend their training and, in turn, better manage weight.

Increases libido

Researchers from the Center for improvement of fruits and vegetables Texas A & M noted that citrulline helps blood vessels relax and may even help with erectile dysfunction. In fact, its ability to enhance blood flow has led to the fact that citrulline watermelon can rightly be called “Natural viagra”.

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