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Use baking soda for hair

Польза пищевой соды для волосIf suddenly your hair has become brittle or worse, began to fall, do not despair.

Baking soda is a super-versatile tool.

It can be used when cleaning the house, and can also be used to treat certain diseases.

Have you ever thought about applying baking soda on hair? Baking soda has some of the most amazing benefits for Your hair. You can use soda instead of regular shampoo.

This safe and affordable product will clear Your hair in a natural way, making them healthy. If You’re skeptical, then in this article we will present you 3 reasons why You should wash your hair with baking soda.

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If You use some hair products, baking soda can remove all residues from them. Shampoo, hairspray or air conditioning and their residues aggravate the hair, causing them to become fat faster. The perfect remedy for this is baking soda and your hair will actually be clean.

Swimmers must know how much damage chlorine can cause to Your hair. In some cases this may change the color of your hair. Baking soda will remove the chlorine from your scalp and hair, and she can protect them from damage.

When Your hair is weighed down with chemicals, it can stop hair growth. Baking soda can clean your hair better than any shampoo that you use.

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Soda will help you to get rid of the dirt on the hair and they will be strong and healthy. To make shampoo with baking soda, you will need to make a mixture of baking soda and water in the ratio of 1 to 3.

Rinse your hair with water and Apple cider vinegar in a ratio of 4-1, and add a few drops of essential oil. Protect your eyes when you use this mixture. Baking soda is a cheap remedy with no chemicals. This is the best way to revive your hair.

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