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USB drive SanDisk Ixpand Mini – more memory for your iPhone

Smartphones and tablets Apple is known not to support microSD cards, and that transfer their information to a PC or laptop is extremely difficult. This can be done even via Bluetooth synchronization is possible only via proprietary Apple software. But there are times when you need to free up space in the internal memory of the iPhone or iPad and remove absolutely nothing – all the files needed, and their loss will be irreparable. In these cases the company SanDisk has developed a USB drive Ixpand Mini, quickly and simply solves the problem of lack of space in the memory of the gadget.

Mini SanDisk Ixpand is a flash drive with two interfaces, USB 3.0 to connect to the computer and Lightning for connecting to mobile devices Apple. You can use it to quickly copy information from the memory device in two accounts to transfer it to PC – not require any data cable nor iTunes, nor its modern counterparts. Consider this miracle-the drive in more detail. We got to test the 32-Gigabyte version.



SanDisk Ixpand Mini comes in a thin cardboard packaging, inside which there is a small size plastic blister. Nothing special in this type of packaging there is, moreover, that it fit a detailed description of the drive.

The stick can be seen immediately – it is not hidden from view. The packaging describes all the basic parameters USB-drive, plus the rear also has a brief statement on the transfer of information to it from your smartphone or tablet. This information is available, including and in Russian.



SanDisk Ixpand Mini is made in a single monoblock housing, without moving parts, which reduces the risk of breakage even with very frequent use to almost zero. Interfaces located on opposite ends of the housing for ease of use. Place the grip is made of rough plastic so that fingers do not slip on the body in the process of connecting (and disconnecting too) to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The USB connector in this case is not protected by anything – it is static and doesn’t have a cap, so that over time it will become clogged with dust .As for the Lightning connector, it cap, by contrast, went for a reason – we all know how fragile the design of the connector, which Apple did not bother to strengthen.


Connect to iPhone

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The SanDisk Ixpand Mini testing conducted on the iPhone 5S. Candy recognized the flash drive immediately after the connection and offered to install a branded app from the App store. This is a necessary measure in Apple iOS, by default there is no support for flash drives, and their work is only possible with additional software.

SanDisk Ixpand Mini uses the application Ixpand Drive, spreads on free basis and is fully translated into Russian language. Russification performed at a decent level – flaws and inaccuracies of translation, we have not found any problems in this regard have emerged.

The program Ixpand Drive is arranged as simply as possible – right on the home screen, it offers to copy the files from the memory gadget to storage or from storage in the gadget. The latter is useful, for example when you need to transfer data from PC to mobile – first copy them to a USB flash drive then insert it in the phone and repeat the copy procedure.

Ixpand Drive allows when you copy to create new folders, to avoid formation of dump files. Moreover, upon completion of copying the same photos from an iPhone to the drive app will prompt to delete from phone memory to free space. This is useful, for example, on a trip when your phone’s internal memory Packed with video and photos, and urgently need somewhere to move.

The application has a preview function you always can see the contents of the file, if it is video or photo. If necessary, you can activate the backup – in this case, when you connect the flash drive to a smartphone or tablet app Ixpand Drive will copy all the files from a pre-specified directory. You can also automatically copy the data of calendar and list of contacts and simultaneously to download data from social networks – uneven hours that they will lock in Russia and access to the profiles they will be closed.

In the end, SanDisk Ixpand turned the Mini from a regular drive in a powerful way to release the memory of your iPhone or iPad from the accumulated data and handy tool to create backups. This will be true for those who use their gadgets to work with a large number of text documents and spreadsheets – you can save all of their wording in memory Mini SanDisk Ixpand and not be afraid that certain edits will be lost forever.

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PC connection and speed

SanDisk Ixpand Mini easily recognized on computers running Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. We checked its compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 10 – no problems arose.

The presence of USB 3.0 port on your PC or laptop is not necessary – this standard is backwards compatible with both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1, that is, the SanDisk Ixpand Mini will work even on computers 15 years ago. Another thing is that the speed of copying the information can be below.

Speed test we conducted in the program CrystalDiskInfo most current at the time of publication of the article version. When you connect the drive to USB 3.0 read speed reached almost 36 MB/s and write speed is more than 33 MB/s. remarkably, the transition to using the slower USB 2.0 on the measurement results are not affected.

After formatting of the stated 32GB volume is available to the user of the order of 29.7 GB. The default in-memory storage is SecureAccess program under Windows and macOS, as we will see in more detail.


Protection from unauthorized access

SecureAccess utility designed to encrypt all located in the memory files. Its interface, in contrast to the iXpand Drive, does not have Russian localization, but it is also very easy to learn, and enough for even the most basic level of English.

SecureAccess encrypts the data at the proven AES algorithm with a key length of 128 bits. This reduces to zero the probability of hacking through password guessing – it is, without exaggeration, will take years. In-memory files the program makes in the arrays useless symbols to use them without the decryption key will not work.

Of course, encrypt photos, if we are not talking about any very personal images, a few will, but for those who work with important information of corporate secrets, this feature will be very useful.


Pros The SanDisk Ixpand Mini

– robust housing, no moving parts

– a cap on the Lightning connector;

– work with all modern Apple gadgets;

– convenient interface;

– ability to encrypt data;

– independence from iTunes.


Cons The SanDisk Ixpand Mini

– no cap on the USB connector;

– not very high speed;

– the lack of Russian language in the interface SecureAccess.

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