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USB drive SanDisk Extreme Go – super-fast and stylish design

The main difference between one USB drive from another is speed. Two equal-volume drives can have very different speed characteristics, and often this became known after the acquisition of one of them. But even among high-speed USB drives are those that are faster or slower, and the new SanDisk Extreme Go among the first. This is a very fast media, and hardly in the Russian market there are many competitors, able to compete with him.

Target audience SanDisk Extreme Go – those who regularly works with large sets of files or just large files – videos, photos in RAW format and so on. The novelty will allow to significantly reduce time spent on duplication of this material when transferring from one computer to another.



SanDisk Extreme Go comes in a cardboard “blister pack with a clear plastic insert to when buying to see that is to say, the goods. Front all in English, but to understand what is written, without in-depth knowledge of the language. The first thing that catches the eye is the performance speed, which gives the drive. Here it is specified that it is equipped with modern USB 3.1 – there is not in every computer or laptop, but more on that later.

The back shows a lot of technical information in different languages. Unlike the front of the packaging, the Russian language is still there.


Appearance and ergonomics

SanDisk Extreme Go from the point of view of dimensions is a classic flash drive. Large sizes here, plus the device will be harder to lose, including in the depths of the handbags.

The casing is made of matte rough plastic black color with a little glossy accents on top, which also has another reminder about the support of USB 3.1 standard and the manufacturer’s logo. The bottom has the name of the stick, plus set its volume.

The USB connector is hidden inside the case – it USB flash drive slider. The slider placed on the case top and molded of glossy translucent plastic. Underneath is a blue led, beautiful pulsating light when connected to the computer or laptop. In the opposite from the connector side of the body has an eyelet for hanging storage, for example, to a keychain with keys.

Plastic SanDisk Extreme Go to be very durable, when compressed, does not bend. The drive gives the impression of monolithic, and the issue is only mentioned towards the fingers always slip on it. He clearly lacks the notches, or any other texture. On the other hand, the mechanism is spring loaded – just slightly push the slider in the desired direction, and the connector will appear from the casing or be hidden inside it so it’s not critical.

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Connecting to a computer

SanDisk Extreme Go has been tested to editorial desktops and laptops running Windows 10 and Windows 7 on a MacBook with one of the latest releases of Apple macOS. The drive is designed to work with these systems, and therefore recognized by each one without the slightest hardship. To test an earlier version of Windows and also Windows 8, we were not near zero due to their popularity throughout the world.

After connecting to the laptop on the Windows of the declared 64 GB is available to the user 58,2 GB. In memory by default, distributions are brand SanDisk SecureAccess, which will be considered separately.

As for compatibility with a computer that has no USB 3.1, in this respect, no problems will arise. This interface is fully backward compatible with earlier USB standards, including USB 2.0 is quite old early 2000-ies.

We checked this fact – do the flash drive is recognized when connected to USB 3.0 or USB 2.0. It will work without fail, and the difference will be only in the speed of data transmission – the lower the standard, the correspondingly lower speed.


Performance speed

Our editors have not found a PC with support for USB 3.1, so we will be satisfied with the results when connected to USB 3.0, especially the SanDisk Extreme Go squeezed from it everything I can. Using this interface, the drive is accelerated to almost 150 MB/s when reading and up to 63 MB/s when writing. This means that a standard movie file weighing 1.4 GB written on it for 25 seconds and copied it in less than 10 seconds. For a simple flash drive is already a very good result, so you can imagine what she’s capable of when connected to USB 3.1! In this case, the manufacturer stated the speed to 200 and 150 MB/s for reading and writing, respectively, that is, to copy files to it will, in fact, twice as fast. Note that when the drive do not get hot, so its failure due to overheating is impossible.

If you use USB 2.0, the most common in our country, the interface, the speed drops to 35 MB/s reading and 22 MB/s when writing. Again, this is a very good result for an interface that is already 20 years old. On this can is far not each flash drive.

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Protection of information

SanDisk Extreme Go can be turned into a safe pocket for information, access to which will be exclusively yours. For this to be mentioned SecureAccess software, which is stored in the device memory in versions for Windows and macOS. The app interface is available only in Russian language, but easy-to-learn – on study of all its menu, you will spend more than five minutes, then will automatically to navigate it.

The essence SecureAccess is to encrypt any files on your SanDisk Extreme Go very resistant to cracking the AES algorithm. The key length is 128 bits and higher, which automatically guarantees 100% protection of encrypted information. in-memory storage they will be stored only as a set of unrelated symbols.

The program itself is protected with a password, after entering which you will be able to quickly encrypt and decrypt the files you need. Everything works in a matter of seconds, although in this case the rate depends on the type and volume of target file. For example, 10 Microsoft Word documents SecureAccess encrypted in 3 seconds.


Undocumented functions

SanDisk Extreme Go can be connected to smartphones and tablet computers based on Google’s Android OS, although the manufacturer does not claim this directly. You can just use an adapter from USB-A to microUSB 2.0 and USB-C depending on your gadget and plug the drive into the charging port.

SanDisk Extreme Go will be determined in any file Manager and you can upload the files from the device memory to the memory of the drive and back at speeds comparable to thereof for data transmission via USB 2.0.

It is important to note that Apple devices such focus will not pass for iPhone and iPad was not originally designed for the external media. For these purposes you should use the special USB drive Mini SanDisk Ixpand with Lightning connector and a proprietary app for iOS.


Pros The SanDisk Extreme Go

– large size for ease of use;

– huge speed;

– durable housing;

– compatible with Windows, macOS and Android;

– ability to encrypt data.


Cons The SanDisk Extreme Go

Slick slider is made of glossy plastic.

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