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USA: the electoral College formally elected Donald trump President

США: коллегия выборщиков официально избрала Дональда Трампа президентомTrump lost two votes, and Clinton – four of the electoral College.

Several of the electors refused to vote for trump Clinton.

The electoral body has confirmed the results of voting on elections of the President of the United States on 8 November, giving the most votes to the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

After trump gave their votes 304 electors with the necessary minimum of 270 votes.

Two electors from the state of Texas did not support the winner. One of them gave their vote for Ohio Governor John Kasich, another elector voted for former Congressman Ron On, reports the Huffington Post.

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Four of the elector from Washington state voted for Hillary Clinton, although she won in this state. Three gave their votes to former U.S. Secretary of state Colin Powell, another Indian chief named eagle, Marked with Faith.

The number of members of the electoral College equal to the number of members of both houses of Congress – 538. Each state is represented proportionally to its population. For the election of the President was necessary 270 votes.

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Legally, the electors not required to vote for victorious in their state candidate. In the past there were cases when they voted against the winning political party or generally refrained from voting.

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