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USA first showed the world a new cruise missile

США впервые показали миру новую крылатую ракетуNew cruise missile Tomahawk Block IV.

The United States first introduced abroad, the latest cruise missile Tomahawk R/UGM-109 Block IV sea-based missile launched from surface ships and submarines. At the naval salon Euronaval 2018, the missile demonstrated on the stand of the company Raytheon, which is the developer and serial manufacturer of the missile used, in particular, when applied missile strikes on Syria.

As announced at a special briefing for journalists, representatives of Raytheon, the new missile integrated a number of significant innovations, among which stands out the possibility of attacking both land-based and moving Maritime targets, provided the new seeker. The ability to attack moving targets at sea, as specified by the developers, will be implemented from 2022 to version of the missile with the designation of the Maritime Strike Tomahawk (MST). In addition, the missile is now network-centric weapons, has a duplex transmission line, that allows you to send and receive information after starting. From any node in a network-centric system can be a control of the rocket flight and transfer on Board updated information about the target. The rocket, thus had the opportunity to retarget in flight.

The missile variant of Block IV has a more powerful high-explosive warhead weighing 454 kg.

To date, the Raytheon plant in Tucson (Arizona) produced more than 4 thousand cruise missiles Tomahawk, 2,300 of which were used in combat from 1991 to 2018.

The Block IV missile has a 15-year service life, after which returns to the manufacturer for replacement of a number of components, re-certification and delivery of the U.S. Navy for the next 15 years.

As representatives of Raytheon, the missile Tomahawk Block IV variant has the following characteristics: length of 5.56 m, a length with a starting accelerator 6.2 m, a diameter of 51.8 cm, weight 1315,4 kg, with a mass accelerator 1587,6 kg, wingspan of 2.7 m, the range of 1600 km, the combined guidance system, which comprises: inertial navigation system, guided by satellite signals of the GPS system-an overview and comparative correlation guidance system for the map of the terrain TERCOM working on a middle portion of the path, and a digital correlation guidance system for the image location DSMAC, working on the final trajectory of the flight.

As explained by the developers, depending on the flight task, the system TERCOM may not work.

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