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US strengthen the struggle against Russian hackers

США усилят борьбу с российским хакерамиFormer U.S. Ambassador to NATO diplomat Victoria Nuland offered to prepare a new anti-Russian sanctions and to appoint a White house “cybercare” (cyber tsar).

“Cybercare” will have to coordinate US policy in the field of cybersecurity. All this should be the response to hostile activity of Russia in the Internet space.

His vision Victoria Nuland announced at a hearing of the Committee on international Affairs of the house of representatives.

Its proposal involves the establishment of a White house post “cybercore”, which will coordinate internal and external policies in this field. Nuland also proposes to establish a joint intelligence and operations centre to “expose, defeat and deter campaign digital effects, manipulation of elections,” as well as “to develop initiatives to improve the education of citizens and tiberghien”.

In addition, Nuland made a proposal to coordinate with US allies list painful economic sanctions and other restrictions against Russia and to publicly announce them. United States, according to her, must be willing to enter them if you identify new cases of hostile activity in cyberspace. All of these measures, according to Nuland, should be a response to Russian intervention in the American presidential election in 2016.

Speaking Wednesday at a meeting of the Committee on foreign Affairs, house of representatives, entitled “Confrontation with a resurgent Russia,” Nuland called the “gold standard” of U.S. policy toward the Kremlin, the actions of President Ronald Reagan, in whose administration she also worked.

Reagan, she said, understood that he had a double mission – to contain the threat and destabilizing the behavior of both the Kremlin and Moscow to offer a path to better relations, cooperation in case the Kremlin to change course.

“Carrot” in the case of the current policy of President Vladimir Putin could become a “serious, sustained dialogue with Moscow”, which involves a ceasefire, easing of sanctions and the prospect of cooperation on setting global digital standards, said Nuland. According to her, all this will be possible when the Kremlin will refuse to use the Internet as a weapon.

However, so far, judging by the fact that said Nuland, the US does not believe that Russia is going to move away from its current policy. The diplomat noted that the digital aggression of Moscow undermines democracy, the US and its allies, Russia is bullying its neighbors, or to occupy their territory, as was the case with Crimea.

Nuland endorsed by the former Deputy chief of staff of the US army, General Jack Keane, speaking at the hearings. He, in particular, predicted that Russia “will try to manipulate the new, inexperienced President Vladimir Zelensky”. Zelensky, he said, can go for the normalization of relations with the Kremlin to raise the Ukrainian economy. “The United States and Europe must support Ukraine’s efforts to combat corruption and to strengthen their economy and military potential and, in General, to help close Ukraine’s rapprochement with the West,” said Keane.

Recall that the first position “cybercare” was proposed by U.S. President Barack Obama, who for the purpose of dealing with cybercrime and Internet espionage on the state level announced the creation at the White house for the office of cybersecurity, the head of which will stand the so-called “cybercare”

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