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US sanctions against Russia are a gift Poroshenko, Moscow

Санкции США против России являются подарок Порошенко, - МоскваThe Russian foreign Ministry said that “the new us attack” will not remain unanswered.

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov said the new US sanctions against Russia are a political gift to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who visited in the States.

Recall, June 20, the United States expanded sanctions against Russia imposed over the situation in Ukraine.

“Obviously, this is a “political gift” who was in the US Poroshenko. The sanctions were imposed under the old pretext of events in Ukraine,” Ryabkov commented.

Russian foreign Ministry concerned that “taken in favor of the political situation in the US” step continues the trend of “to the collapse of relations” between the countries.

“I’m sorry that the new American leadership goes on about inveterate Russophobes from the US Congress, where already just don’t know what to think of that “annoy” us, and most importantly – to “reset” any prospects for alignment of Russian-American relations,” – said the Deputy Minister.

He stressed that on the background of sanctions “quite convincing are the words of the official representatives in Washington of the desire to continue the dialogue” with Moscow.

“Without a reaction, including in the form of practical response on our part, the new American attack will not remain,” stressed Ryabkov and added that “the U.S., of course, you can continue to entertain illusions about the fact that Russia can be “pressure”.

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