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US Navy: we are from the Russian Arctic, of course, throw

ВМС США: Русских мы из Арктики, конечно, выбросим

The head of the Navy Richard Spencer said that “the United States should take all measures against the increasingly provocative actions of the Russian fleet in the fight for control of the last major unexploited region of the globe.” This refers to not only the Northern sea route, but also part of the Russian continental shelf. According to him, the U.S. Navy is developing a strategy to ultimately fulfill the mission of the “freedom of navigation” through the Arctic.

So the geopolitical struggle for dominance of this region is heating up as the melting ice of the Arctic ocean. But perhaps the first time such a high military rank outlined arrogant American claims to the Northern sea route. Moreover, ready to challenge our right by force. So States are seriously considering a military solution of their tasks in the Arctic.

Note that Richard Spencer is not just the Secretary of the Navy, but still the largest businessman in the United States. In his youth he served in the marine Corps, but as soon as he became captain, resigned. More then 15 years he held the positions of top managers of such companies as Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch — the largest financial centers in wall street. At the peak of his career was the CFO of Intercontinental exchange Ex.

At age 65 the retiree Richard Spencer, after the dismissal of Ex Intercontinental, became Minister of the Navy. It happened not so much through the influence of “friend of trump,” so with the blessing of the overseas establishment. He, like the American President, thinks exclusively in the category of big business, where politics is only a tool of profit. Thus, it is possible with high probability to assume that the claims of the head of the U.S. Navy viewed a vested interest in wall street.

More precisely explained, the global plans of the US in the Arctic the 25th commander of the U.S. Coast guard, Paul Zukunft, named “Admiral Z”. It happened at a joint U.S.-Norwegian Symposium in 2018, in which he boasted that American shipyards (five shipyards) urgently build the first military icebreaker, and lay the second. The money allocated in full, that is an obvious victory of the “Arctic lobby.”

“Admiral Z” also outlined the main military goal of the new icebreaking fleet of the USA in the Russian Arctic is, first of all, Yamal region, as vital to the economic security of Russia. They say that the Northern sea route allows Russia to supply Europe with LNG in spite of all the sanctions restrictions. Always in the EU there are some offshore intermediary, which will “damn” the long arm of Washington.

This fact, of course, infuriates wall street and is regularly discussed at the White house, as Yamal LNG is a Supplement to the “Nord stream-2”. Even if we imagine that Washington has forced Berlin to abandon the Baltic pipe “Gazprom”, Russian gas will be more competitive than the us. Just the Germans will take it at a higher price than if the pipeline transportation.

Moreover, with access to the full power of the shipyard “Zvezda” in the city of Bolshoi Kamen, the supply of Yamal LNG in the EU will increase dramatically, no doubt the Americans. Along with the “Northern flow” and “Turkish then” dependency from the Old world available for the price of Russian gas will also increase, which could mean an even greater defiance of the Germans and the French.

“Russia has militarized some Islands that were primarily search and rescue, said “Admiral Z”. Rusco will launch two ice-breaking Corvette, which will run in the Arctic ocean and to carry cruise missiles. And so we must ask ourselves: how are we going to protect our sovereign interests in a single Arctic region?”.

And here is the answer ready. Richard Spencer believes that in the first stage, America is obliged to send a clear signal to Russia that the United States Navy are “the only power that Russia and China should and will be considered in the race for control of the Northern top of the world”. It is interesting that the same Richard Spencer admits that the interest in the Russian Arctic from the financial establishment has arisen in connection with climate change.

However, Americans understand that Russia has already declared the entire area above the national coast up to the North pole, part of its continental shelf. Consequently, the North sea (East) the path is under the control of Moscow. And this route is more viable than shipping along Canada.

USA, by the way, taken expedition from Alaska to Baltimore for the North West passage, but the ships were stopped as soon as the wind drove the ice from the North pole. It is interesting that Canada, like Russia, also announced the North-West sea route its internal waters. All this creates certain difficulties for law enforcement measures, the US Navy in future operations, “freedom of navigation” in the Arctic. However, unlike Ottawa, Washington does not have relevant agreements with Moscow.

In other words, if the Americans had military icebreakers in the Russian Arctic has long held to the provocations of the U.S. Navy, like those that Washington is satisfied in the South China sea. “But we only have one icebreaker, — complains “Admiral Z” — if something happens, you have to appeal to Moscow for salvation.” That is, to those against whom there is a cold war.

Thus, to test the nerves of Moscow along the Northern sea route, the US Navy will come later when they build at least two of the icebreaker. In the meantime, the US has identified the area in the Arctic, equivalent in size to the state of Texas that will be declared a zone of national interests of the United States. Washington has threatened to extend its sovereignty over the rich oil and gas area of seabed. After that, any violation will be viewed by America as an attack.

Speaking of that region, which Americans would like to see, “Admiral Z” said it is appropriate to talk about the Venn diagram. In mathematics, this term is commonly understood as the intersection of three circles (although it is a private case). In relation to the geography of the Arctic, it would mean the area in which the Western hemisphere expect the Canadians, and on the East — towns and the Norwegians.

The head of the U.S. Coast guard has even identified possible military solution to this problem in favor of the United States. It’s — 30-ies of this century. “I don’t know what will be the weapons system on American icebreakers 2035. It could be directed energy. It can be something completely unique that we don’t have today,” said Paul Zukunft, who is proud that his name translates from German as “the future”. They say, he has the right DNA to look ahead. He is confident that in 15 years the icebreakers, the U.S. Navy will sail the waters of the Russian Arctic.

It is for this in Washington today considers the question of building a large military port in Alaska. As for Moscow’s claims of belonging to Russia continental shelf of Lomonosov, the Americans say they wanted to spit on the nine-dotted line (line that China uses to refer to its territorial claims in the South China sea — ed.).

However, much will depend on the commitment of Moscow. If the Russian Navy will deal with American ships-violators, both with Ukrainian boats in the Kerch Strait, the Yankees hardly dare to continue to provoke. The question is, will there be enough strength for this?

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