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US introduces restrictions against Venezuelan citizens

США вводит ограничения против венесуэльских гражданThe United States decided to impose penalties against some of the inhabitants of Venezuela.

The U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions against 13 current and former officials of the Venezuelan government which, according to the Washington undermine democracy in this country. The message published on the Agency’s website, RBC. The sanctions imposed on the eve of the convening of a Constituent Assembly, scheduled for 30 July 2017, which, according to the report of the Ministry of Finance, “will have the right to rewrite the Venezuelan Constitution and to dissolve the state institutions”.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has offered to host in Venezuela, constitutional reform – in early may, he announced the convening of a Constituent Assembly (Constitutional Assembly), which actually have to replace the Parliament. It is a new authority, which will include 500 people, chosen by direct vote on 30 July will be to develop a new Constitution. “The shortcomings of the procedure of the election of the Constituent Assembly practically guarantee that the majority of its members will represent the interests of President Nicolas Maduro”, – stated in the message of the Ministry of Finance.

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, commenting on the introduction of sanctions, indicated that the President of the United States Donald trump earlier “made it clear that the United States does not intend to ignore attempts by the Maduro regime to undermine democracy, freedom and the rule of law.” “All of the assets of these persons that fall under US jurisdiction frozen and us citizens are forbidden to contact them”, – stated in the message of the Ministry of Finance.

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In the sanctions list of the United States was the Commissioner for human rights of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, head of the National electoral Council (CNE) Tibisay Lucena, education Minister Elias jaua and Maria Varela, now part of the Commission on the establishment of a National constituent Assembly, and was previously head of the penitentiary service of Venezuela.

Is Alejandro Fleming, Vice Minister of Venezuela for European Affairs and former head of CENCOEX, the acting head of CENCOEX Rocco Serrano, Vice-President PDVSA Finance and President of the Bank of economic and social development of Venezuela Simon Zerpa, as well as former national Treasurer and Vice-President of PDVSA Carlos Malpica.

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