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US intelligence was able to intercept important information

Разведке США удалось перехватить важную информацию It was about the chemical attack in Syria.

Us intelligence intercepted messages that the Syrian military and chemical experts discussed the preparation of the attack with sarin in Idlib.

About that CNN reported a source in the government of the United States.

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This information was discovered during the review of collected intelligence information a few hours after himataki.

“U.S. authorities did not know that this (the use of sarin in Idlib. – Ed.) was going to happen. US collect such a large volume of intercepted communications in Syria and Iraq, that material is often not treated unless there is some specific event that requires the analyst returns to the processing of information and to discover there important intelligence material,” – said the source channel.

CNN notes that while there was no intelligence intercepts that were confirmed the information that Russian military or intelligence officers reported the attack.

“Perhaps the Russians are more cautious in their communications to avoid interception,” admitted the source media.

He added that even if it is possible to obtain a final conclusion about Russian complicity in the chemical attack in Idlib, it is unclear whether will publish the Pentagon or the White house this information.

“It must be damning evidence that is hard to obtain. But now the United States feel that Russian support for Assad will soon have to stop”, – concluded the source.

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