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Urologists have called the most useful products for the kidneys

Урологи назвали самые полезные продукты для почек5 incredibly useful products for the kidneys.

The kidneys play a vital role in maintaining healthy functions of the body, because the organ filters toxins.

Experts identified five products that are specially effectively improve the state of the kidneys.

One of the best products for kidney researchers believe cauliflower. According to them, this kind of cabbage, due to the large amount of vitamin C, folic acid, and fiber helps to reduce blood sugar levels. In addition, kidney condition can improve an ordinary carrot: it contained beta-carotene helps in regulating blood pressure. Elevated blood sugar and hypertension is a known cause of deterioration of renal function.

Another product useful for kidney, apples. Studies show that apples protect the kidneys from damage due to its richness in pectin. This substance is a natural absorbent, it binds and removes from the body toxic components.

Slow the progression of renal damage, can regular consumption of onions. Scientists explain that the onion is part of the substance prostaglandin, is capable of preventing the viscosity of blood and thereby reduce blood pressure.

In addition, a great way to prevent kidney failure is garlic. It contains antioxidants that act as anti-inflammatory components.

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