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Update Android 8.0: new information

Обновление Android 8.0: появилась новая информация  Many users noted that the installation of the new OS smartphone downloads in file memory of large volume.

Sizes upgrade often exceed 1 GB, which affects the traffic, and some users don’t even have enough storage to download the Assembly. In such cases, iOS and Windows Mobile 10 start delete the cache and unnecessary service files, and new versions of Android, the developers have provided a more convenient solution.

Starting with Android 7.0, the system now has a “seamless” update. On supported devices the system is divided into two sections, and during the installation of the update version is recorded in the backup section in the background. Meanwhile, the firmware is still pre-loaded in user memory, and requires free space.

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In Android documentation 8.0 has found a new option that will allow the blocks to download the update from the server directly to the backup section. The scheme will completely eliminate the need to free memory, and updates will occupy on the drive is 1 GB only 100 KB.

Google will also include a similar algorithm updates for Google Play services. However, dual system partition is not available on all smartphones, is probably “streaming” updates Play services will be available only for Android 8.0. Manufacturers of smartphones and tablets can also ignore the idea of Google, so there are chances that the feature will be exclusive to the line Pixel.

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