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Unusual weapons ahead of its time. Photo

Необычные виды оружия, обогнавшие время. ФотоLook very unusual.

The firearm has passed a long and thorny path of development. At all times people wanted to make their weapons were quite effective in different situations – to conduct continuous fire on several targets, be of sufficient compact and convenient. That’s what happened to different designers over the years.

1. A gun with a axe

Необычные виды оружия, обогнавшие время. Фото

Until the beginning of the XIX century, gunsmiths from all over the world tried to combine cold steel and firearms. These attempts were motivated by the fact that the shooting of firearms was associated with a long charging process. Attempts to create a hybrid was for the most part unsuccessful, but it got such interesting samples.

2. The duck-gun

Необычные виды оружия, обогнавшие время. Фото

Before the advent of semi-automatic and repeating weapons, the arrows suffered from the inability to make shots at multiple targets without reloading. This gun was designed specially for firing on a group of enemies. Used it, as a rule, couriers and prison guards.

3. Shooting Cutlery

Необычные виды оружия, обогнавшие время. Фото

Looking at some samples of weapons, it becomes quite unclear what their purpose was, and against whom such weapons should be spent. Take Cutlery with guns. Perhaps these helped to cope with thieving friends, who took silver out of the house after the next feast.

4. Gun-boxes

Необычные виды оружия, обогнавшие время. Фото

A very unusual weapon, which was created in the United States for self-defense of ordinary citizens. The weapon has a caliber of 22 and 12 charging rounds. Easily fits in your pocket, because the average its size is somewhere between a matchbox and a deck of cards.

5. The pistol-grip of Bravermann

Необычные виды оружия, обогнавшие время. Фото

In the United States produced an astounding number of weapons for concealed carry. Perhaps this is due to such nervousness by the local police. Take that gun-handle system Bravermann developed in 90-ies of the last century. From most of the “relatives” model differs in that its design can really take the shape of a gun, which greatly facilitates firing.

6. “On”

Необычные виды оружия, обогнавшие время. Фото

The gun body is another early attempt to create firearms, able to conduct effective fire on several targets. Used “bodies” in the 14th – 15th centuries. In this type of weapon calibre was much lower than that guns, but more than the pistols and rifles that easily allowed him to handle even with protected order.

7. The shield-gun

Необычные виды оружия, обогнавшие время. Фото

While some gunsmiths tried to combine melee weapons with firearms, others have tried to equip pistols means of protection, e.g. a shield. Some time now these boards were incredibly popular in Italy. It was made sometime between 1540 and 1547 years.

8. Gun-brass knuckles

Необычные виды оружия, обогнавшие время. Фото

An unusual mix of firearms and means of close combat. Apparently, this weapon was manufactured handicraft. About the effectiveness of gun with brass knuckles will be judged difficult. First of all I want to know how accurately it is possible to fire.

9. Multi-barrel gun

Необычные виды оружия, обогнавшие время. Фото

Another weapon that had appeared in an attempt to give a gun with a few charges. Unlike pistols-ducks intended such megastake for shooting at one target. The disadvantage of this weapon was its decent size and serious weight. Attempts to reduce both, as a rule, leads to a reduction of combat effectiveness.

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