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Unusual things drowned with the “Titanic.” Photo

Необычные вещи, утонувшие с «Титаником». ФотоOn the “Titanic” was carrying a lot of interesting.

The tragic story of the Titanic has been the subject of countless books, documentaries and research. More than a hundred years ago, the largest liner of its time hit the iceberg and sank, taking with them into the abyss of life one and a half thousand people. To this day in the scientific community, the debate continues about the true causes of the disaster: there is a version that the ship was attacked on purpose, to capture the unknown treasures in secret smuggled on Board by the captain. Most of the assumptions are completely absurd and invented a lot of hoaxes by charlatans, but there are theories that confirm some facts.

Необычные вещи, утонувшие с «Титаником». Фото - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.


During the voyage four passengers of the Titanic got in side the hospital for treatment from severe opium addiction. In 1912, the opium already banned for sale in many civilized countries and transportation potions much more expensive. In the holds of the Titanic discovered the remains of several tons of pressed in inserts of opium. Ran it, of course, illegal.

Необычные вещи, утонувшие с «Титаником». Фото

The Hope Diamond

One theory says that the couple were transported on the Titanic rare blue hope diamond. This stone has long been famous for tending over him with a curse: stolen in India, he moved to Louis XV, then Marie-Antoinette, ended his days on the scaffold. It is believed that it’s the hope diamond, brought to Europe the plague, and it killed their new owners — and at the same time the entire ship.

Необычные вещи, утонувшие с «Титаником». Фото

Egyptian mummy

A few of the surviving sailors told the press and police a rather strange story about an Egyptian mummy that allegedly brought aboard just before sailing. Mystery box was transported to America Lord Canterville, insisted on the fact that the valuable goods were stored directly on the bridge.

Необычные вещи, утонувшие с «Титаником». Фото

Gold bars

The first class was occupied by very wealthy people. The first expedition to the wreck made it possible to assess its treasure of $ 250 million. Antiques, paintings and gems caught in the camera lens, and some of the most valuable objects was even raised to the surface. However, robot divers lost iron safes that are installed on the lower deck of the sunken giant. It is believed that they were carrying a ton of gold one of the trusted leaders of the Masonic order.

Необычные вещи, утонувшие с «Титаником». Фото

Expensive painting

It is known that the Titanic was carrying the painting of Jacques-françois Blondel La Circassienne Au Bain and the insurance company even paid to the owner (Moritz to Steffanson) costs about 100 000 $. By today’s standards, this amount has exceeded two and a half million dollars. Interestingly, Moritz Steffanson said it was about the whole collection is incredibly expensive paintings, but then chose to take back his words. It is assumed that Steffanson actually transported in the holds of the Titanic rare pictures stolen from major museums in Europe.

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