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Unusual things discovered in tombs and graves. Photo

Необычные вещи, обнаруженные в гробницах и захоронениях. ФотоReally incredible finds!

Archaeologists often dig up graves to get some facts about history. Although they usually are just bits of bone and pot, sometimes there are very unexpected discoveries.

1. Secret camera with wall

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Необычные вещи, обнаруженные в гробницах и захоронениях. Фото

In the Egyptian city of Luxor, it is possible very often to meet the most incredible monuments of ancient architecture. One of the tombs in Luxor, belonged to Userhat, the scribe of Pharaoh. Although it has well been explored before, in 2017, scientists were able to make a remarkable discovery. During a routine cleaning of the tomb a team of University researchers noticed a hole in the East wall. When the scientists broke part of the wall, I was amazed to find the burial chamber of the second scribe, Dating from 1292 – 1069 BC

Through hieroglyphs on the walls revealed that this second person is called Khonsu and was also the scribe of Pharaoh. The whole tomb was decorated with frescoes telling the story of Khonsu and his wife, as well as scenes depicting various gods, including Osiris. One image suggests that a kind of “Muse” the scribe was… a baboon. The painting depicts four baboons, worshippers of the God Atum-RA, the deity of the sun.

2. Find in Ireland

Необычные вещи, обнаруженные в гробницах и захоронениях. Фото

The oldest human burial in Ireland has provided scientists two surprises. When in 2001 the researchers studied an ancient tomb, they noticed that it was not skeleton. Hunter-gatherers who lived in the area about 9 500 years ago, people were buried in a fairly straightforward manner: the body buried in the ground and buried under a layer of sand or stones. However, in this grave the body was cremated. Which caused even more surprise, found in the tomb of shale axe. The weapon is a unique artifact. It is made with skill, which in Europe saw a further 3,000 years, and it is the most ancient, the polished axe in Europe. Interestingly, the axe has been deliberately blunted. The researchers suggest that it was made in the course of the unknown ritual, when the weapon is blunt to Express the death of a person.

3. Liquid mercury

Необычные вещи, обнаруженные в гробницах и захоронениях. Фото

Teotihuacan (located in present-day Mexico) was the largest city in ancient America. The greatness of this city which was once home to 200,000 people unknown culture, is still breathtaking. Although Teotihuacan has enough mysteries, one finds just amazed scientists. Located under the pyramid of the Feathered Serpent tunnel, as I thought archaeologists were supposed to lead to the tomb. In 2015, his excavations, which have already lasted six years, was stopped after the archaeologists got to the end of the tunnel and opened the camera.

In a room sealed for almost 1800 years, they found a pool of liquid mercury, which blocked the way forward. Thus, according to scientists, 18 centuries ago wanted to protect the tomb with the body of the deceased ruler from marauders. However, this is only speculation.

4. Grave of the archetype

Необычные вещи, обнаруженные в гробницах и захоронениях. Фото

People culture the urine, which before the Incas inhabited Peru, left behind a cemetery in San Jose de Moro. By 2009, after 18 years of excavation, during which only priestesses-women (seven bodies), the archaeologists were ready to see the remains of eight women, when they opened another tomb. However, it was found that in the tomb, decorated with copper and gold that dates back to the year 850 of our era, was the buried man, as well as a number of artifacts.

In clay bowls near the wall was a ceramic bottle. It is believed that the bottle was heated and lowered in a liquid filled bowl to create the appearance of a smoky aura during burial. The clue to the identity of this obviously high-ranking person can be found next to him a staff with bells. Such staff are usually portrayed from Aya Lunches — one of the main deities of the Moche. Therefore, scientists believe that this man was considered the epitome or archetype Aya Lunches in the course of his life.

5. Missing elements

Необычные вещи, обнаруженные в гробницах и захоронениях. Фото

In the valley of the kings in Egypt, scientists found many graves Dating from 1550 – 1070 BC In the period from 2007 to 2011, the archaeologists found enough artifacts to take the next four generations of researchers. Among them were four caches are located at points that were imaginary square. As had already seen such a structure, as a rule, in the center of this square was grave. At each corner was a ritual offering: cow’s head, blue vase, pottery, and flint tools. But despite all searches, the researchers are unable to find the grave or something in the center square of the caches. Either the grave was just incredibly well hidden, or it is somehow not built.

6. The crypt of the ships

Необычные вещи, обнаруженные в гробницах и захоронениях. Фото

Another Royal necropolis stumped scientists. In 2016 South of the ancient Egyptian city of Abydos beneath the dunes of the desert found the burial chamber. Underground storage has a distinct marine theme. In contrast to the arid landscapes, it is literally everywhere there are boats. On the white walls of the vaulted room of rectangular shape is depicted, more than 120 of the pharaohs, sailing on ships. Also traces carved images of ships on the ceiling. There are even a few remaining boards from what I believe was the funerary boat of the Pharaoh of Sinusita II (CA. 1850 BC). Around the burial complex of the Pharaoh scattered other structures associated with “shipbuilding,” and all of them are underground. The excavations are just beginning.

7. Dental fashion

Необычные вещи, обнаруженные в гробницах и захоронениях. Фото

In 2009 in Dorset mass grave was found. In the pit was buried more than 50 of the Vikings, and in a very unusual manner: their legs, torso and heads were stacked in a separate pile. About 1000 years ago the Vikings tried to RAID the local Brits, who managed to defend and kill looters. But even more interesting were the front teeth of the warriors, which was a perfect horizontal line, which does not happen in nature. Archaeologists believe that the Vikings sawed their teeth in a similar way themselves. Why did it — a mystery. Some suggest that this can be a status symbol among the Vikings.

8. Holy

Необычные вещи, обнаруженные в гробницах и захоронениях. Фото

When in 2011 found an ancient pen for writing in English during the excavations of little Carlton, this silver tool has attracted the attention of scientists. In addition, we found a few rare items, including other writing utensils and glassware. This indicates that this place may have been Anglo-Saxon trading post, monastery or island on which lived the elite of the local community (about 1500 years ago this place was surrounded by water). But the most remarkable discovery was a bizarre grave.

For a Christian burial it was clearly abnormal. People were literally wedged face down in the grave, so small that between his shoulders was only 25 inches, but his body was Packed very carefully. This suggests that people were buried after decomposition has set in. The history of those times talk about the dead kings and saints, who after death were transported to other places. Given that before the burial was a fairly large time, this tomb fits into such a picture. Given that the person buried is clearly accurately and respectfully, the researchers believe that it could be an Anglo-Saxon king or a Saint.

9. God the jester

Необычные вещи, обнаруженные в гробницах и захоронениях. Фото

In Guatemala beneath an ancient Maya house were found a surprise that made to correct the history books. In 2008 the diggers on archaeological excavations On K found a loophole leading to the underground chamber. There they found the remains of a man who died at the age of about 50 years. Around it were found a collection of ceramics. One of these items, incense burner, and made me think of scientists. Experts immediately recognized the figure depicted in it.

This image of the so-called “God-clown” who wears a headdress with tassel, whom scientists know as the symbol of the Maya rulers. “God-the clown” began to appear on works of art in about 100 BC When the incense burner was subjected to radiocarbon analysis, it was found that it dates back to around 350 BC, i.e. the oldest (at least known to scientists) ruler of the Maya appeared in the 450 years earlier than previously thought, and this proves that an advanced Mayan civilization emerged much earlier than thought science.

10. The clue to the origin of the Greeks

Необычные вещи, обнаруженные в гробницах и захоронениях. Фото

In 2015, when a team of archaeologists are unable to obtain permission from the Greek government to excavate the slope near the ancient Palace of Nestor, scientists began excavations in the grove nearby. They even could not dream that this will find the most complete tomb in the country since the discovery of Troy. Was found a male skeleton surrounded by more than 1,400 artifacts. Precious metals and stones, ivory, and richly ornamented weapons and stone seals, and mirrors, combs and beads. As a rule, this is characteristic of the Mycenaean tombs.

Mycenae was the center of Greece between 1600 and 1100 BC. But the tomb is dated to 1500 BC, which makes it priceless. Scientists who are trying to determine the origin of Greek civilization, emerging during the time, received a great opportunity to learn more about ancient cultures from the tomb. Most of the artifacts come from Crete, the Baltic States, the Middle East, and possibly Egypt. The cosmopolitan nature of the grave may one day reveal the secret over society, which ultimately influenced the birth of Greek culture.
Source: http://www.novate.ru/blogs/200217/40159/

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