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Unusual specialities in the different countries of Europe. Photo

Необычные фирменные блюда в разных странах Европы. ФотоFor those looking for new experiences.

Perhaps after reading this article, your notion of “good food” will be challenged and you will be able to challenge myself.

Schwarzsauer or Black soup made of blood


Необычные фирменные блюда в разных странах Европы. Фото

This soup is prepared from pig’s blood, goose giblets, onions and vinegar, seasoned with cinnamon, cloves, pepper and other spices. In the postwar famine years “, swarztrauber”, invented in Northern Germany, was a popular dish because it was cheaper ingredients. Now the “black soup” served less as a gimmick. Although from the point of view of energy value, “smartsenior” great: only one plate will take care of your protein needs for the rest of the day. Only here the strong flavor of this “first” will not please everyone.

Creier Pane or Brains in batter


Необычные фирменные блюда в разных странах Европы. Фото

When you in Rome do as the Romans. And when in Romania – Romanian play by the rules, that is get brains in batter. This dish is prepared from boiled pork (or veal) brains, oblasnyh in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs, and then fried to a Golden perfection.

Brains in batter can be served with vegetables (e.g. green beans) or French fries.

Arroz de Cabidela or Rice with goose livers


Необычные фирменные блюда в разных странах Европы. Фото

In the bloody world of gastronomic delights Portugal impresses with its rice with goose livers, soaked in vinegar and the blood. The Portuguese has long been in love with soups and dishes of offal to cook which made them hungry. More than five hundred years ago because of the military policy, all the meat was given to the army. So the townspeople decided to cook from what was left after the slaughter. Giblets stewed with vegetables and spices. Today, instead of the entrails of animals often use rabbit or chicken.

Haggis or Haggis


Необычные фирменные блюда в разных странах Европы. Фото

Any list of unusual European products includes Huggins — meat pudding twisted, liver, heart, lungs of a sheep mixed with oatmeal and beef, seasoned with Cayenne pepper, onion and salt.

Canonically “Haggis” served with two kinds of puree of rutabagas and potatoes, with oat bread and the obligatory glass of Scotch whiskey. This dish is so popular that the stomachs of sheep, now often replaced by synthetic coverings and there are even vegetarian and gluten-free options, “Haggis”.

Angulas Baby Eels or Fry eel with garlic


Необычные фирменные блюда в разных странах Европы. Фото

This Basque dish – not a sight for the faint of heart. It serves pintxos (snacks) and consists of bread, spreads and river eels. Or rather, the fry of eel, called angulas. They are caught with nets in the Spanish rivers from October to February, usually at night.

This expensive delicacy is also called “spaghetti with eyes”. It is very popular in Spain, England, France and the United States. Small eels up to 5 cm stewed in olive oil with garlic and chili pepper. Angulas to catch not just so you can submit pretty tasty forgery, made from fish.

Frog Legs or Frog legs


Необычные фирменные блюда в разных странах Европы. Фото

Variants of this delicacy are numerous: you can choose the lightly fried frog legs, classic deep fried or pasta from the limbs of amphibians… taste this delicacy resembles a chicken. During the hundred years war, when food lacked, the French eat frog legs, snails and onion soup. According to another version of the appearance of delicacy is due to the ban on hunting in the lands of the king and the nobles: people had to get out somehow to treat yourself to meat.

Or Casu Marzu Cheese with live maggots

Italy, Sardinia

Необычные фирменные блюда в разных странах Европы. Фото

In 2010, this “maggoty cheese” was recognized as cultural heritage of Sardinia, though its selling in Italy is officially banned. But who seeks will always find.

this cheese contains live cheese fly larvae and some foodies consider it very tasty. Translated from the Sardinian “KAFU the Martz” means “rotten cheese”, it is made from Sardinian Pecorino cheese, which is decaying due to the digestion of the larvae.

By the way, troubled by the “masters of cheese” is able to jump a distance up to 15 cm, so gourmets are recommended during the tasting to wear glasses. Some cheese lovers prefer to remove the larvae before eating; others eat the treat with them – without fear of possible infection of the intestine. The fact that the larvae of the cheese fly can be digested in the stomach and settled for a while in the intestines, which causes lots of unpleasant symptoms.

Hákarl, or Cured meat of the Greenland shark


Необычные фирменные блюда в разных странах Европы. Фото

Fresh shark meat is poisonous because of high content of urea. But any product, as they say, you should be able to cook. Once the shark was caught and gutted, it buried under the gravel and stones for a few months. Then pull out the carcass and dried for another couple of months. The result is a spicy fermented meat. If you can overcome the powerful aroma, you will really like it … or maybe not. It all depends on the readiness of your stomach.

Canned Bear and Reindeer or Stew made of bear meat and venison


Необычные фирменные блюда в разных странах Европы. Фото

Exotic stew is best to try in Finland, where it is made from reindeer or a bear. No chemicals. It’s real meat, not offal.

Christmas or Christmas Carp carp

Czech Republic

Необычные фирменные блюда в разных странах Европы. Фото

When it comes to Christmas, many Czechs mandatory to prepare a fresh carp. Fresh in the sense that this live river fish kept in huge plastic barrels of water on the streets. The Czechs usually are buying two fish and a kid’s fun run in the bath for a few days until Christmas eve (24 December). Then, from one fish dinner dish, and the other to… released into the wild.

Czechs believe that Christmas table should not be meat — only fish. But the marine counterparts to replace carp is not accepted, it is considered that in this case you let go of your happiness into the sea.

No one really knows the origin of this tradition. Rather, it appeared in the beginning of the fasting of the XIX century, when the most accessible food in the Czech Republic was the carp. By the way, one of the scales of the Christmas carp must put in your wallet to attract good luck and carry her with me until the next Christmas.

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