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Unusual robot assistants that changed the world. Photo

Необычные роботы-помощники, изменившие мир. ФотоAnnually there are incredible new robots.

In the twenty-first century, the field of high technology, robotics began to develop truly “leaps and bounds”, which is absolutely not surprising, given the rate of technological progress. Every month the engineers and scientists demonstrate new prototypes, concepts and designs, and many of them enter into the houses of ordinary people.

1. LoweBot - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Необычные роботы-помощники, изменившие мир. Фото

Trade one of the first industries that has to think about the necessity of using robots. A striking example of this is LoweBot used in a number of retail chains in California. The machine works as an assistant to staff and able to provide advice to the buyers. For example, the robot can help in finding the right product. The machine is able to recognize multiple languages.

2. Sego

Необычные роботы-помощники, изменившие мир. Фото

When it comes to robots, each of us has become an humanoid device, but in reality it is not. Numerous robotic assistants are far from that “ideal”, but all this does not make them less useful. A striking example is the robot Sego, intended for maintenance of Pets, in particular their feeding without human intervention. The robot can be controlled with the user’s mobile device remotely and fully Autonomous, acting according to a given algorithm and sensors.

3. The Digiloom

Необычные роботы-помощники, изменившие мир. Фото

And this is the most “friendly” robot on the planet that everything else is a 3D printer. What makes it an entertainment device? It’s very simple, it produces all sorts of commemorative accessories for friends, based on the data that the robot collects from their mobile devices. However, experience is not necessary, the machine is not spyware and you will first need to go through the synchronization procedure.

4. Tertill

Необычные роботы-помощники, изменившие мир. Фото

This small and very humble robot, in fact, incredibly useful device. The thing is that Tertill is one of the few to date, full of garden robots. The purpose of the device is obvious – to keep order in the garden and on the lawn, in particular to get rid of weeds. Thanks to solar panel robot doesn’t need charging and can be outdoors throughout the season. Like any other such devices Tertill can be synchronized with any mobile device. The robot operates autonomously.

5. Cop Rose

Необычные роботы-помощники, изменившие мир. Фото

Finally it is worth to tell you about another amazing robot helper, which appeared relatively recently. As you can already guess from the photos, the main task of Cop Rose is cleaning the Windows. The robot do all the work yourself. Customizable, like most other robotic cleaners with the help of a smartphone. Incredibly convenient and easy to use. Obviously, this technology is the future.

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