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Unusual photos of ordinary women. Photo

Необычные снимки обычных женщин. ФотоPortraits of women from the Australian artist.

Diane Hall (Dianne Gall) is an Australian artist. Born in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1964. He received the degree of bachelor of visual arts and design at the South Australian school of art. Participated in more than 100 group exhibitions and many times held solo exhibitions around the world.

Today, her work can be seen in the modern art collection at Parliament house in Canberra, Australia, in several Museum exhibitions and in galleries like the gallery of music and art “Gallery of Music & Art”.

Hall, known for its “cinematic” portraits of women, but her paintings are still lifes with the indispensable participation of women contributed to the further opening themes of femininity and domesticity, and the creation of idealized perceptions, the relatively recent, past Australia.

According to Diana, the era of the 1950-ies, when the country basked in the present, hopeful for the future, complete with views of a typical housewife is the image of the perfect family.

However, she also says that “historically people had opportunities to realize this image. Maybe due to the fact that the typical Australian couples could be just one good thing, but when they married, this thing has held a place of honor on the mantelpiece and turned into a silent observer of how people come and leave (things watching us not Vice versa!).

So these things are important to me and I always wonder: why are they there, how they got there, it was a gift, or for a long time people saved up to buy it, it’s the only valuable thing or are there others?”.

Other areas of life that affected on Diane is her personal fascination with Japan and its love for objects, which it considers the benefits of “cross pollination” between Australian and Japanese cultures, is an example of this “pollination” – “Astro girl”, one of the most portrayed her characters.

She says: “my grandfather hated anything made by the Japanese because of the war, so early, I tried not to talk about such things. But we had so many porcelain bone figurines made in Japan, our machines and much more that today it is impossible to remain silent about the mixing of cultures of Australia and Japan”.

Необычные снимки обычных женщин. Фото
Необычные снимки обычных женщин. Фото
Необычные снимки обычных женщин. Фото
Необычные снимки обычных женщин. Фото
Необычные снимки обычных женщин. Фото

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