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Unusual passports can obtain almost everything. Photo

Необычные паспорта, которые могут получить почти все. ФотоFor lovers of all unusual.

Passport is most important document and the passport system is one of the greatest structures of any state. It would seem that in this matter there is no place for something original and unusual, but it turned out that in the world there are several types of very unusual documents. Some of them are active, some are not officially recognized, but the social organization issuing them, I believe that it is only a matter of time.

A non-citizen passport

Необычные паспорта, которые могут получить почти все. Фото

This unusual type of citizenship exists only in two countries – Latvia and Estonia. Such documents were received by citizens who migrated to the Baltic republics in the years 1940-1992 and fail in the future, the naturalization process (it involves examinations in the national language and history, knowledge of the anthem, the Constitution, etc.). This part of the population, by the way, is a fairly significant proportion of the population: according for 2017 in Latvia the number of non-citizens amounted to about 11%, and in Estonia – 6%.

The passport of the citizen of the world

Необычные паспорта, которые могут получить почти все. Фото

Issue such documents, the World government of world citizens. This public organization was founded in 1953 in America. I must say that this “world” the document officially recognizes only six countries (not European, though, and African), and also was once accepted as an entry document in 174 countries (these data are listed on the official website of the organization). By the way, the main purpose of the issuance of the passport of the citizen of the world – this is free movement across borders. Although most States a “global” initiative is not supported.

The virtual passport countries

Необычные паспорта, которые могут получить почти все. Фото

Wertende (Wirtland) is an unrecognized country, claiming the right to be called the world’s first Virtual state. Its location – the Internet, and that means the whole world. Based this unusual public Playground in 2008, and since then, its ranks are constantly replenished. Today, the unusual citizens of the state consider themselves to several thousand people. Virtual state coins are quite real gold and silver coins and issues its own stamps. Manages the Chancellor, who prefers to hide his real name. For citizenship and passports need to fill out forms, application and pay a fee. Recently, the country celebrated its first decade.

Passport “Sea Land”

Необычные паспорта, которые могут получить почти все. Фото

Principality of Sealand – the Principality of sea land or Silang is one of the unrecognized States. It has a very real, though a small area. This offshore platform in the North sea 10 kilometres from the coast of the UK. Runs the Principality monarch, proclaimed himself in 1975, Mikhail I. This small country has managed to acquire quite a heroic history, in which there is a struggle for independence and the coup of 1978. Even has its own football team, though it also would not recognize the official sports organizations. After an ugly Scam with fake passports kalendsky in 1997, the release of these documents has been discontinued, but from 2017 passports are available again.

Lunar passport

Необычные паспорта, которые могут получить почти все. Фото

If the land or the sea is getting crowded, you may purchase a passport lunar sample. For this you need to contact the “lunar Embassy” and buy a “certificate of possession” land on the moon, Mars, or another planet (suggest to stop your choice on the moon and other space objects while they are in less demand). The beginning of this sale was initiated in 1980 when the American Dennis hope, drew attention to a “loophole” in international law on the ownership of stars and planets (there was no mention of private organizations) and declared himself owner of all objects in the Solar System except Earth and the Sun. Incidentally, despite the lack of legal force of such certificates, they are in steady demand. And the company, “Lunar embassy” has no competitors with which it has occurred for several trials.

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