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Unusual ointment which will relieve you from hernia

Необычная мазь, которая избавит вас от грыжиThis recipe can heal your wounds.

There are wonderful ointments and tinctures for pain and pain relief herniated disc.

However, one of the most effective is ointment and tincture of comfrey root. He has the ability to mend bones, relieve joint pain, swelling, dissolve hernia.

Ointment of comfrey: take 0.5 kg of dry fresh root comfrey, 70 g of pine resin, 350g pork internal fat, 300 g of vodka. Comfrey good wash but in any case do not clean. Dry root of comfrey mince 2-3 times. Should be like a paste.

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SAP put in a metal funnel in boiling water on low heat and melt. Also, you need to melt the lard on low heat and add the root of comfrey, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. Keep the mixture on the fire for 40 minutes. Then pour in the melted resin (SAP) and simmer for about 15 minutes, and after that add vodka and after 10 minutes, turn off camporno. The result should be a homogeneous mass.

In addition to herniated discs, this product can be rubbed in fractures, pain in the joints. Ointment cures sores, only instead of gum, you need to take 4 fresh egg whites. Make 20% tincture of the root of comfrey in the vodka. Leave it 25 days by shaking the composition in a day. Massage into problem areas morning and evening, adding to the infusion a 10% Dimexidum.

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Tincture helps to restore the bone tissue of the vertebrae, and dissolves between the vertebrae hernia.

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