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Unusual educational institutions, which bored. Photo

Необычные учебные заведения, в которых некогда скучать. ФотоThe educational institution, not like the usual school.

Most of us are accustomed to the regular schools, where students come with their books, sit at desks and listen to the teacher. However, in the world there are many educational institutions that do not fit into the usual framework. For example, you can find a magic school or the University of hamburglary. About these and other educational institutions – further into the material.

1. Faculty for the study of UFOs

Необычные учебные заведения, в которых некогда скучать. Фото

The oldest public University in Chile in 2005, undertook the preparation of highly qualified specialists in UFOs. It is worth noting that the Universidad de Santiago de Chile is still the only place of training, specializing in UFOs and the paranormal. Despite the existence of a unique faculty, the University absolutely does not advertise its activities. Perhaps training is the secret, and perhaps the Department simply has not met expectations.

2. The grey school of magic

Необычные учебные заведения, в которых некогда скучать. Фото

In California there is an unusual school which is exactly like all the Harry Potter fans. The Director of the school Oberton Söll-Ravenhart his whole life was devoted to the study of dark magic and became famous for creating the unicorn, which actually turned out to be an ordinary goat. However, his school of magic – one of a kind educational institution recognized by the Government of the United States of America. In the school of magic, students can obtain knowledge at the 16 unusual items, including: skill with magic wand, the language of animals, spells, alchemy, and spell the horses. Initially the school was intended for children 11-17 years of age, but in fact there are learning people of all ages up to 80 years.

3. School of witches

Необычные учебные заведения, в которых некогда скучать. Фото

In Massachusetts there is a school in which are taught the basics of witchcraft. You can train online or attend classes in the real case. The building of the school of witches was originally located in the city of Roseville, but because of persecution the Christian community, it was decided to move it to Salem. Anyway, learning witchcraft were more than 240 thousand people.

4. University of hamburglary

Необычные учебные заведения, в которых некогда скучать. Фото

The first hamburger University was opened in 1968 in Chicago. Its founder was ray Kroc who wanted to reveal to everyone the secrets of the increasingly popular McDonald’s. At the University trained people who wish become employees of a fast food restaurant. By the way, the hamburger University was the beginning of corporate training. Surprisingly, before anyone and had not occurred to teach employees. Later branches of the University of Chicago hamburger opened in London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, Munich and Sao Paulo. It is worth noting that despite the funny name, to go to University of the hamburger is as hard as Harvard.

5. School of the future

Необычные учебные заведения, в которых некогда скучать. Фото

Even back in 2006 in Philadelphia with the support of Microsoft opened a “school of the Future”. In school no one uses notebooks and pens. In classes hang interactive whiteboard. Class journals are filled exclusively in electronic form, and students work on tablets. The majority of pupils – children from low-income families who got the chance to be trained with the most modern technologies.

6. Waldorf school

Необычные учебные заведения, в которых некогда скучать. Фото

The first Waldorf school was based on the methods of Rudolf Steiner and was opened in 1919. In the process of learning children go through three stages of development and learning. The school does not use any modern technology, there is nothing that runs on batteries, the kids play and learn on the simplest things. Pay special attention to emotional development and imagination. In this school to anyone don’t give grades, no traditional lessons. The routines of the school day is built in accordance with the natural rhythms of the child.

7. School office

Необычные учебные заведения, в которых некогда скучать. Фото

Unlike usual schools with separate classes, a school in Ohio is a single space divided into cubicles. Such a huge office on the 300 jobs. Each is equipped with a computer with the individual plan. Each student has own office and individual program self-study. The concept of the school helps to prepare children for adult life.

8. School of prostitution

Необычные учебные заведения, в которых некогда скучать. Фото

It’s hard to believe, but in Valencia there is a school that trains professional moths. For $ 112 students will learn the history of the profession, the subtleties and nuances of working with clients, and will receive basic skills that should be possessed by the priestess of love.

9. School sex

Необычные учебные заведения, в которых некогда скучать. Фото

The founders of school of sex believe that the art of love is the same science as philosophy, Philology or mathematics. Education in school sex lasts 5 semesters, plus 3 additional intensive course. In the learning process students will gain skills about how to interact with a partner, learn all the details of human anatomy, physiology, learn about sexual education, and also receive theoretical and practical skills of sex.

10. School Harvey Milk

Необычные учебные заведения, в которых некогда скучать. Фото

School Harvey milk located in the East village. It is built specifically for gays, lesbians, transsexuals, and for those who can’t define their orientation. The school was opened in 1985. Now it’s listed as 110 students.

11. School of parkour

Необычные учебные заведения, в которых некогда скучать. Фото

In America, parkour has become a real science. There is even a specialized school that produces professional frilanserov. Interior Academy of parkour is completely contrary to the usual view of the school. There are no classes and offices, Only ramps, poles, mats and various obstacles. Teach students the real stars, professional stunt performers and stunt that in the movies.

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