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Unusual dog breeds. Photo

Необычные породы собак, которых уже нет. ФотоExtinct breed of dog.

Any owner knows that the saying “a dog is man’s best friend” has a iron base. Four-legged companions is not important for your achievements at work and in sports they are not interested in the brand of your car and its presence as such.

All that is required of the dog you are. Unfortunately, people treat dogs is much more pragmatic. Trying to adjust to your needs evolution of man over the centuries were breeding, creating new breeds. But that is not created by nature, cannot exist without a permanent control of the demiurge. So for centuries, traceable dog breeds disappeared during the two decades after the man was bored to bother with them.

Необычные породы собак, которых уже нет. Фото

Salsk wool dog

The native inhabitants of British Columbia have never bred sheep. Wool for household necessities these people provided the other animals. Blankets, ponchos, capes — Salsk wool dogs were not only good friends and good guards, but also an invaluable source of the vital resource. The breed has disappeared, when on the mainland were the first Europeans brought their sheep removed the need for dog hair.

Необычные породы собак, которых уже нет. Фото

Bracke du Puy

Hunting dogs are highly valued at all times. Breeders are constantly working on improving the existing breeds and tried to create a new one. Bracke du Puy became one of the successful experiments on repeated crossing of the French pointing dog with greyhounds: flexible, fast and courageous dog, capable of single-handedly pulling the most unsuccessful hunt.

Необычные породы собак, которых уже нет. Фото

The show

But about this breed was mentioned in the papers Virgil: strong, big and brave molossus became, apparently, the ancestors of modern mastiffs.

Необычные породы собак, которых уже нет. Фото

Alpine Mastiff

The inhabitants of the Alpine foothills specifically brought their own breed, characterized by a very dense coat. As the present St. Bernard, the Alpine Mastiff was often used as lifeguards. Unfortunately, an unknown disease had completely destroyed the breed in the mid-nineteenth century.

Необычные породы собак, которых уже нет. Фото

The Moscow vodolaz

The selection was done in the red Army: after the Second world war experts brought a special breed of dogs, able to participate in rescue operations on water. Only the dog was too aggressive for such a philanthropic mission. Moscow divers to the drowning sailors floated without difficulty, but, apparently, the need to sail to God knows where for some strange uncle they are so angered that the victim often had to run away from the Savior.

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