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Unsuccessful operation of the best intelligence services in the world. Photo

Неудачные операции лучших спецслужб мира. ФотоThe work of a spy is not very suitable for those who are looking for glory.

Successful operations are carefully hidden so as not to endanger the supply of information and not to expose operatives, failures are hidden even more carefully, because each failure gives the opponent a huge amount of valuable data, not to mention a serious blow to the reputation. However, the few appearing on the public failures raise serious questions not only professionalism, but also to the adequacy of fighters of the invisible front.

Неудачные операции лучших спецслужб мира. Фото

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The Murder Of Fidel Castro

For 5 years, between 1960 and 1965 the CIA has taken as many as 12 attempts to eliminate Fidel Castro. Information about this appeared only in 1975, which of course angered the whole world: as many as ten years, the U.S. insolently talked about his own policy of non-interference and there is. I must say that all assassination attempts have look as weird. Fidel tried to remove the underwater suit of poison, bird-killer, and even an exploding cigar. The feeling in the CIA cartoon reviewed.

Неудачные операции лучших спецслужб мира. Фото

The pioneer gift

The American Ambassador at the Yalta meeting (February 9, 1945) received from the Soviet pioneers the wonderful gift of a huge wooden panel depicting an American emblem. Experts KGB knew his way around a tight — Ambassador was known as a great lover of jewelry. He actually hung a present in the office. And in 1952 when repairing panels fell and it was discovered that the “pioneers” soldered to hack the microphone and listened to all the talk.

Неудачные операции лучших спецслужб мира. Фото

Spies of the highest class

In early 1942, Germany attempted to land on the territory of the United States a group of 10 commandos. Whether the job got the most negligent, either nationally straightness played a role, but the failure of the operation turned loud. Once in country, the boys then recruited the first counter laborer, not even surprised, how easily an American betrays his homeland for $ 250. The next meeting came, the whole group of saboteurs. During the interrogation, the Germans complained loudly cursed the duplicity of the traitor.

Неудачные операции лучших спецслужб мира. Фото

There’s no plane

Aircraft spy Francis powers, Soviet air defense shot down a day after public statements by Eisenhower, declared that the United States had never flown over Soviet territory. In the living, but quite fragile Powers America’s intelligence admitted the wayward meteorologist, knows how to get in plane latest reconnaissance equipment.

Неудачные операции лучших спецслужб мира. Фото

Unsuccessful shot

One photo from the magazine “Ogonek” negated the years of the Soviet KGB. In 1958 David Mitchell, a senior CIA analyst drew attention to the article about the Soviet power. Comparing the data from public access places retouched photos David was able to install the entire power supply system of the Ural region. This in turn allowed the Americans quite accurately determine the production capacity of the plants for uranium enrichment.

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