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Unsinkable Topilin

Непотопляемый Топилин

To protect the pension reform the cost of his own reputation – the task facing the head of the Ministry of labor Maxim Topilin. However, writes the edition “the Source”, I’m afraid the Minister is nothing, as a lifeline in the form of savings and business spouses, will help him to stay afloat even in the event of loss of office.

Far more unenviable position shines protesters who disagree with the upcoming increase in the retirement age. For example, a resident of Volgograd Olga Bykova lost his job in the “Volgogradtransgaz” due to the fact that sent to colleagues in WhatsApp invitations to go to the rally.

The principled position of the left without the chair and saratovtsy of Zafira Konkova. The man worked as caretaker of one of the municipal enterprises, until became involved in organizing the campaign against pension reform.

In case of unpopular reform will not be implemented in life, the head of the Ministry of labor can sacrifice, says the former MP Igor Zotov. However, in contrast to ordinary Russians about their future, the official need not worry. In addition to the good work of the can count on a solid pension, estimated by the journalists of “Interlocutor”.

The formula used here is: the amount of life annuity of ex-Ministers is dependent on the experience and financial incentives to the incumbent heads of ministries, approved by the head of state.

It turns out that after leaving on the deserved rest Maxim Topilin will be monthly pay of at least 60 thousand. in addition to standard bureaucratic pension.

By the way, in the corridors of the civil service Topilin was first at the age of 27, and more the White house he never left. Then the government has worked Tatyana Golikova, with whom the future Minister attended the same University and worked in scientific research Institute of labor after graduation. Career path two graduates Plekhanovka intersect to this day:

first Topilin was Deputy to the health Ministry Golikova, now she as Deputy Prime Minister supervises the activities of his Department.

According to Igor Zotov, the secret of political longevity Maxim Topilin due to its ability to work in a team, as well as his dedication and ability to negotiate, for which he probably appreciates the Prime Minister. Zotov also noted the lack Topilin bureaucratic snobbery that is captivating companions.

All 24 years of work in the White house was a public servant almost cloudless. Only once, six years ago, he was reprimanded by Vladimir Putin for the failure to comply with orders, however, then the disciplinary action removed.

As follows from the Declaration of the Minister, in financial terms, it all is also quite good and even better. Last year the official earned about 6 million rubles, his wife – more than 17 million

In the use of family Topolinyj is state Villa, located in a luxury complex “Rublevo-Uspenskiy”. The area of the house is 201 sq. m. the wife of the head of the Ministry of labour, Maria topilina owns an apartment in Bulgaria.

Informed the wife of the official has declared that her business to the position of the husband is irrelevant, but there are interesting intersections.

In Agryle Maria topilina held as a co-founder of LLC “Finans Teriberka”. The company, which two years ago received state support from the Murmansk government.

“Thelibertines” without any competitions gave the land in the same Pomeranian village under the enterprise for the production of wild plants, mussels and sea salt. This decision was preceded by the arrival of Topilin in Murmansk and the promise of a Marina Kovtun on the conservation of polar increments.

The village of Teriberka became famous due to the fact that Director Andrey Zvyagintsev shot his “Leviathan”. Tourists often pay a visit here that the settlement was in the top 20 places in the world, according to rankings compiled by the publication National Geоgraphic Traveler.

In the development of the company Topilin help farmers from the cooperative LavkaLavka. There are among them Vsevolod Kovshov, which in addition participate in the above project operates LLC “URALCHEM-TRANS”, part of JSC “UCC “URALCHEM” — one of the largest companies in the production of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. By the way, the representatives of URALCHEM are the working group of the Ministry of labour, dealing with amendments to the legislation.

However, the main business partner Maria Topilina is Andrey Esin. Together they own, LLC “Mineral trading”. This firm is engaged in sale of ore and chemicals.

In addition, Esin is among the leaders of the Ural asbestos mining and processing enterprise, the main consumer of exports which is the USA.

“Uralasbest” is also listed in the list of founders of the Ural NPF “Family”. Currently, the Fund is in the process of liquidation, the organization is declared bankrupt, however, even the court could not force the owners to pay off depositors.

According to Maxim Topilin, the private pension funds is not far from pyramid schemes, because they need a constant inflow of investments.

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