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Unscheduled call in the National guard: who will receive the agenda

Внеплановый призыв в Нацгвардию: кому вручат повесткиWho will be drafted into the army.

In August Ukraine has launched an extraordinary call for military service in the National guard.

About who will receive the agenda, and draft Dodgers.

It is noted that initially the call for military service was planned in October-November this year, however, the President decided to move the date. Thus, in August, Ukrainians will take to serve in the National guard, and at the end of the year in the National guard, armed forces and State special transport service.

How many Ukrainians calling for service the following month, is currently unknown. The timing of the call assigned by the head of state, and the number of recruits and the budget of the campaign is the government.

Who can call in the army in August:

Men aged 20 to 27 years

Fit state of health

Without a criminal record

Not passed military service

As noted in the Ministry of defense, after receiving the agenda Ukrainians have to arrive at a certain collection point and within the time specified in the subpoena. If the reservist was not on the agenda in voenkomat, are not reported to the police station about the change of residence, he faces a fine in the amount of UAH 85-119.

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For repeated violation – from UAH 170 to 255 hryvnias. By the way, according to the law, employers are required to inform the military about their employees of military age.(part 4 of article 34 of the law of Ukraine “On military duty and military service” from 25.03. 1992 No. 2232-XII).

For evasion from an appeal on military service (article 335 of the CCU) is threatened by restriction of liberty for a term up to three years. As the lawyer Yuri Zygmund, in fact, deviators “shines” is a conditional term. The lawyer notes that, at the expiration of the probation the conviction is removed.

Who is the delay from service:

Those who has a disabled mother or father or other relative.

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Has a child under the age of three years

Raising a child alone (without mother)

Has two or more children

Has pregnant wife or wife with a disability

Is an orphan

Has temporary health problems

If the brother is in the same time in the army

Under the age of 21 and thus receives education on day form

Teachers (for the entire period of work in the specialty)

Doctors (for the whole period of work in the specialty)

The priests (for the entire period of work in the specialty)

Police (for the entire period of work in the specialty)

Criminal suspects

Who can get exemption from conscription:

Unfit for health

Young people 27 years and older

As for the Ukrainians, who graduated from the military Department, to whom to give respite, solves a special certification Commission at the regional military Commissariat. Grounds for deferment can be family situations, health and education.

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