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Unknown attacked a nursing home in France: is a victim

Неизвестный напал на дом престарелых во Франции: есть жертваThe search for the attacker continues.

In an attack by armed men on a nursing home for the monks near the town of Montpellier in South-Western France killed one person.

The police were informed about the incident late Thursday evening.

In this nursing home in the town Monpere-sur-Le there are more than 60 people – men and women – most of whom previously did missionary work in Africa.

As the Agency Reuters, citing unnamed sources, yet there is no indication that the incident was a terrorist attack.

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According to Reuters, killed a woman who lived in this house. The Agency reports that it managed to contact police, before the assailant killed her with a knife.

The police also called the caretaker, who managed to escape.

Le Figaro newspaper reported, citing sources close to the investigation that the nursing home rushed the man in the hood, armed with a knife and shotgun.

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The newspaper writes that the murdered woman was discovered bound and gagged in his mouth.

The mayor Monpere-sur-Le told AFP that the house, which was assaulted, is home to about 60 former missionaries, six or seven nuns and six or seven people.

About 60 nursing home residents were evacuated. The search for the attacker continues.

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