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Universal postpones “the Bride of Frankenstein”

Since then, as the remake of “the Mummy” did not meet expectations of Universal studios, gathering volume is not enough cash in the homeland and receiving negative opinions from critics, the fate of the planned earlier, “the Dark Universe” kilometrov hangs in the balance. A weak start may well be a resounding failure for all of the plans of the filmmakers, and it all sounded so interesting! And the creature from the Black lagoon was going to remember, and johnny Depp was called to the role of the Invisible Man, and even a photo of caste did. But all of this is meaningless, as long as the audience will not have a real interest in the return of these characters.

That “Bride of Frankenstein”, which was to become the second after “the Mummy” film franchise, now looms on the horizon, and behind him. Here’s what they say “universalove”:

After much discussion, Universal Pictures and Director bill Condon decided to postpone the development of “Bride of Frankenstein”. None of us want to hurry up with the announcement of the release date, because for this particular movie required more time. Bill is a Director whose talent is not in doubt, and we all would like to continue working with him.

It sounds all sad. And is not the fact that we do see the Frankenstein monster in the performance of Javier Bardem (in my opinion, just great choice) and his bride, the role which called itself angelina Jolie. But who knows, maybe monsters will get a second chance, and the “Dark Universe” opens a second wind.

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