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United Russia collects from residents information about the double charges for removal of household waste

«Единая Россия» собирает с жителей информацию о двойных начислениях за вывоз бытовых отходов

“United Russia” party in the framework of the project “Clean country” has opened an interactive service for the collection of complaints about problems with municipal services “municipal solid waste management (MSW)”. This was stated by the coordinator of the party project “Clean country”, the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir burmatov.

“This service provides a convenient mechanism for sending complaints and will help to see the real picture. All received appeals will be made. First, these signals will work, the regional coordinators of party project together with the regional authorities, and then, if we see a positive dynamics, will appeal to the Prosecutor General, to achieve recalculation of payments”, – explained the Deputy.

On the website party projects through the tab “Report about a double payment for waste management” ( you can fill out a simple questionnaire with information about how payment for utilities was in 2018, and how it has changed in 2019, and to attach photos to these payment documents.

Burmatov reminded that previously identified problems faced by people when paying for waste management. “First, the double payments, they received visitors from more than 20 regions. Secondly, sometimes this payment is “hidden” in utility payment, and people don’t know how much they paid for it, and it is unclear how the regional operator will get the money for it,” – said the MP.

He noted that people continue to send photos of payment documents with complaints of double payment for the treatment of MSW, when at the same time preserved the old fee for maintenance of the dwelling and along with the new public service “- treatment of MSW”. Thus people get receipts for utility services from the regional operator for the handling of wastes and the management company.

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“The amount for housing services does not change, although it should decline as there seized a service for the treatment of waste. With the help of public control, the Party plans to detect cases of double payment for the service of waste management, and to take measures,” concluded the coordinator of the party project.

Regional coordinator of the party project “Clean country”, adviser to the Governor of the Moscow region in the rank of Minister Alexander Kogan told what are the challenges facing the Moscow region in connection with the launch of a similar system for tracking violations.

“For our region it is important that we did not have “zadvoenie” payment. This happens when people get their receipts in two lines for one service. Early payment for treatment of MSW was included in the maintenance and repair, now is a string taken separately. But some management companies continue to duplicate payment for one service. Now our main task – to get feedback from people and see if all is ruled out the payment of a string of the contents of the current repair, and suffered in the line of TKO. String the contents of the current repair needs will be reduced by this amount will increase should a separate line of TKO”, — explained Alexander Kogan.

The second problem, designated regional coordinator, mandatory monitoring of accounting rates of accumulation of that payment that is deemed by the Committee on tariffs and prices. In each cluster, it’s different, but it needs to be specified in the payment, and the calculation is per square meter.

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“So we follow the correct calculation of norms of accumulation,” explained Kogan.

He also drew attention to the possible emergence of other payments. Already there were cases when the control of the company without a decision of a meeting of homeowners install a new payment. For example – cleaning of container sites.

“The precedents are already there, we know for each specific case. Additional lines may appear, but only after a meeting of homeowners. If the housing is municipal, there must be a decision of Council of deputies”, — said the coordinator of the party project “Clean country”.

Alexander Kogan recalled that residents of the Moscow region can send their application to the case of their payment receipts concerning additional new graph, not agreed with them services for the treatment of MSW to the email address of the regional public reception of the party “United Russia” [email protected]

From 1 January 2019 in Russia introduced a new system of regulation of services to municipal solid waste management. Working with TKO will be the regional operators, whose task — the transportation, processing, neutralization, disposal of wastes. In those regions, which will begin such work, payment services operators, individuals and legal entities will be implemented as a separate utility service is not included in the charges the management company for the maintenance of the dwelling. Tariffs for services of regional operators will be approved separately.

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