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Unique device the FBI. Photo

Уникальные устройства сотрудников ФБР. ФотоThese fashionable gadgets used before representatives of US intelligence.

In most movies the spies always have a specialist who develops unique devices, weapons and gadgets to help them on duty. Though in life and there is an umbrella that can protect from bullets like the agents from “Kingsmen”, and cars with lots of bells and whistles, like James bond, but the CIA and the KGB, too, were many special and interesting devices. Let’s learn about the most unusual of them.

Уникальные устройства сотрудников ФБР. Фото

In the 1960-ies of the CIA agents were given special drill with set of bits to install listening devices. When you twist the handle, the base of the tool rests in the stomach, so it is called Belly Buster — “Poster”.

Уникальные устройства сотрудников ФБР. Фото

In the 1970s, the engineers, the CIA worked on a miniature aircraft in the form of a dragonfly. It was planned to use for discreet delivery bugs. Command and the signal from the listening devices was passed through a laser beam. A working prototype of a tiny car with a hydraulic propulsion gathered a professional watchmaker. Mechanical dragonfly flew well, but even a gentle breeze knocked her off course. To solve this problem failed, so the project folded.

Уникальные устройства сотрудников ФБР. Фото

At the dawn of the Cold war, by order of the American special services have designed and built an underwater boat that fits only two people, and even then not without difficulty. She was close, defenseless and absolutely not good for long Autonomous trips, but could pass, where another submarine gets stuck. CIA this is what was required.

Уникальные устройства сотрудников ФБР. Фото

The German company Minox produced this miniature camera before 1972 (it still can be found on online auctions). She was perfect for espionage: small, inconspicuous, makes beautiful pictures of secret documents from close range.

Уникальные устройства сотрудников ФБР. Фото

Such devices were used to extract letters from sealed envelopes without damaging the print. Read other people’s mail, and the recipient did not even know that the letter seen by outsiders, the seal is intact.

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