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Unique “cave house” in China. Photo

Уникальный "пещерный дом" в Китае. ФотоThe building is located in the Central Shaanxi province.

This house is custom oval Studio HyperSity Architects reconstructed for Chinese Internet star Je Lingere and his family on the plateau of Loess.

The original building was in a deplorable dilapidated and the team had to work very hard to transform a traditional cave design in a cozy and comfortable modern housing.

Уникальный "пещерный дом" в Китае. Фото

Part of the original construction goes underground to a depth of 11 meters, hence the comparison with the cave. Living space new house is on one level with the ground. New premises literally pasted into the rectangle of the old buildings, after destroying the remnants of the former buildings.

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Уникальный "пещерный дом" в Китае. Фото

The main material that was used for the reconstruction is a comprehensive mixture of clay and sand from the surrounding countryside and mountains. This mixture is allowed to significantly reduce the budget for the project and served as a binder substance for the wood and stone of which the house is built.

Уникальный "пещерный дом" в Китае. Фото

The house has “the cave”, which is a living room and a bedroom for grandma, and three adjoining bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, and restroom.

Уникальный "пещерный дом" в Китае. Фото

Tectonics of the structure was retained in winter, the cave retains heat, and summer keeps it cool. At the same time, was to create proper ventilation and provided with natural light through 1.5 meter the light well between the bedroom and living room in the main part of the house. Thus, in the house there was a garden, backyard and three module residential premises, as well as a separate housekeeping area — and all within a rectangle with a semicircular roof.

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The main entrance is decorated with carved wooden grating, through which beautifully refracts light from the street. Something which left the old furniture that looks great in the new bright interior. On the outside, in order to protect the house from strong winds blowing from the side of Mongolia, made a new canopy.

Уникальный "пещерный дом" в Китае. Фото
Уникальный "пещерный дом" в Китае. Фото
Уникальный "пещерный дом" в Китае. Фото
Уникальный "пещерный дом" в Китае. Фото

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