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Unhappy with the signal in the regions

Сигнал недовольным в регионах

Degtyarev started to fire from the provincial government, local people and invite them instead of people from Moscow. All this on the eve of another round of protests, which, as we recall, largely fueled by anti-Moscow sentiments.

It is evident that all the previous statements of the Governor, seemed designed to enrage the protesters are not stupid, and part of a single strategy. Apparently, she has two goals.

The first to rise in Khabarovsk, a sense of impotent rage. “They spit on our dissatisfaction; do what you want.” In the Kremlin read the books on social psychology and know that the feeling of powerlessness demobilize protest. Spoiler: actually, not always.


The second objective — and probably it is the main — connected with the desire to send a signal to the discontented in other regions. “Do not think that if you start to protest, we will listen to you. In the coffin we your discontent seen.”

However, the latter signal is somewhat contrary to the yesterday’s decision of the Federal government to allocate rebellious edge the extra money. Perhaps the right hand in Moscow does not know what the left is doing. Degtyarev, he simply asked mishustina money (Moscow appointees love to flaunt in front of the natives their Metropolitan connections and lobbying power), but he decided just in case not to refuse (then to political short-sightedness not accused the Prime Minister, too, reads the news, knows that Degtyarev is not easy). Most likely, the Kremlin in this story was not involved and was not able to prevent it.

Therefore, the second signal was somewhat crumpled.


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