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Unexpected foods that can be frozen

Неожиданные продукты, которые можно замораживатьPotatoes and 5 more unexpected foods that can freeze

The freezer compartment is quite roomy and frost in addition to store it you can store many other products.


When the fruits is discounted, it is difficult to resist and not to take more than noted in the list of purchases. If such a spontaneous shopping in the fridge will be several avocado, the part that was taken in reserve, you can always freeze it. Just not in the form of ready-made product like guacamole, and the mashed potatoes. Grind to the desired consistency of a ripe avocado and place in bags. The pureed flesh can be used for cooking cream, salsa, smoothies and salad dressings.


Baked muesli, known as granola, consist of a mixture of oats, honey, nuts and puffed rice. Store the granola in a dry place in an airtight container for about two to three weeks, but in due time she rarely eaten. Remains possible to distribute small packages and freeze.

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Mashed potatoes

Don’t know what to do with the leftover mashed potatoes? Then divide them into portions and distribute in bags or sealed plastic containers. Defrost and reheat a product only once, and don’t forget to put on container labeling is to store mashed potatoes in the freezer can be up to 3 months.

Apple sauce

This sauce is a great addition to pancakes, to meat and poultry. It can be used as stuffing for pies and toppings for ice cream. The main drawback of the product is its short time — up to 7 days in refrigerator — storage. The question with the contents of the banks on the verge of completion of the shelf life is solved very simply: the sauce must pour into molds for ice and freeze. Just don’t confuse forms, when you prepare a cocktail: Apple Martini, it’s a completely different story.

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The dish consists of tortillas and toppings. To fill the cake can be beef, seafood, grilled vegetables, beans, flesh of the cactus. However, without the latter is quite possible to do. Will such a stew that tolerates freezing. Divide mixture in airtight containers and put them on a mandatory marking with the date.


Freeze already cooked rice — employment is quite troublesome. But all your effort is worth it: just imagine — you come home from work, pulled out of the freezer the rice, put it in the microwave and dinner is ready, or at least a side dish. Cooked rice should be spread on the baking sheet and give it to cool completely. After the rice to mix with the oil and then distribute it in bags and stacked like books, folded in the freezer.

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